The press release for this album states that you should ‘expect nothing less than monstrous,’ and that is pretty spot on as monstrous is how I would describe Autopsy’s 6th studio outing entitled The Headless Ritual. The nine track album from start to finish is relentless and doesn’t let up for a minute, which is something you expect from a band that has been going since 1987 and are pioneers in the death metal genre. I do respect them for what they have done for the genre, and six albums is impressive for a band – however, I really hope they don’t make any more as I think this is about as bad as it gets.

Heavy metal and prog rock are two genres that are very close to my heart. Due to growing up around the people I did, I see bands like Opeth and musicians like Mike Oldfield as brilliant musicians who play music of a very original and expressionist genre. With this new album coming from two heavy hitters in the world of prog rock, it naturally comes with high expectations. Luckily, it delivers... but not as much as I thought it would.

With HELLYEAH’s newest single, ‘Bigger God’, the heavy metal super group from the US are once again proving to everyone just why they are so important in today’s musical climate. A throw back to the days of Pantera and Mudvayne that will hopefully show people who didn't grow up listening to their music what true heavy metal is. It’s an no hold bars assault on all levels and it is unbelievably wonderful to hear music like this being released again.

Daft Punk’s long-awaited Random Access Memories takes the listener on a late-night cruise through the many weird and wonderful faces of 70s and 80s American disco, funk, jazz and electronica, delving deep into its sea of plodding beats, shining synths and beautifully-arranged orchestration, which hit you in waves of unpredictable creative twists and turns. The French duo manage to blend together their immersion in the past with a clear and distinct salute to the future.

Aggressive, violent and ferocious: three words that aren't normally associated with music. But then, when describing To The Wind's newest album, Empty Eyes, I could also throw in a whole heap of phrases that I don't usually use when reviewing music, for example: shitting heck this is heavy. For that is the perfect way to describe this maniacal frenzy of an album - it is heavier than the heaviest stone in heavy-ville. Now, that isn't a bad thing at all - for truth be told. This album takes me back to the days before heavy metal bands thought it would be a good idea to put a singer in their band and not stick with the solitary screamer as a front man. It is a beautiful little gem that has some how surfaced in a musical world that is currently being filled with bands that all sound exactly the same.

For this review I went in completely blind, I know of the decade strong career of the LA based rockers but had never listened to any of their stuff before. However, in the aftermath of listening to this sixteen track album based entirely around unreleased tracks and B-sides, I must say I feel like I have been missing out. If their 3 albums before hand are as good as this album is then I am pretty certain I have just found my new favorite band. Melodically brilliant; not a single bad track - just an absolute gem of an album.

It's time to get the BBQ's out and spend as much as you can in the sun. Now for a 2nd year who lives 5 minutes from the sea this is perfect weather, but I found myself in a bit of a pickle; I really needed some new summer tunes to listen to while chilling in the garden attempting to do work. Luckily, the summer's late arrival coincided with the release of rapper/ska/reggae musician, Itch. When the release of his first EP came round I was a very happy bunny, mainly as I am a massive fan of his former band 'The King Blues', so undoubtedly Manifesto Part 2 came with huge anticipation.

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