Jimmy Eat World at the O2 Academy Leeds was not a gig that this writer was going to miss out on, and had been waiting and looking forward to the event all week.

Imagine a zoo with the absence of its animals and that is what we're left with on this colourless album. 'Studio Zoo's saving grace is Newton Faulkner's undeniable authenticity as one of the coolest acoustic musicians on the scene. Abandoning production tricks and backing roars, he has presented himself as the zoo-keeper to his own talents. In true hippie style, this entire piece of art has been recorded in Faulkner's home studio and streamed online like an open heart, for the eyes and ears of his fans and followers. 

Once a band has released a certain amount of albums or been around for so many years, I become weary of their new material. Countless times I have listened to a band release one too many albums and go about as stale as month-old bread. So, when I heard that one of deathcore's greatest bands 'The Devil Wears Prada' were going to release their fifth full length studio album, I was naturally pessimistic - I utterly adore their last outing 'Dead Throne', so '8:18' was living up to very big expectations as I wasn't quite sure how they could top it.

A second wave of Miley mania has spread across the online world, driven by the wreckage of her unreleased single - 'Wrecking Ball'. 

So, it is coming around to that time of the year where critics from across the world start making bids for their best album of the year, and every last one has their personal favourite. But the fact of the matter is, there is one award that beats the rest: The Mercury Prize for Album of the Year. This award has been the biggest accolade a band can get for some time and the 12-album shortlist has just been announced!

When a band explodes onto the scene as much as Arctic Monkeys did back in 2005 - with their record breaking début album - they kinda' shoot themselves in the foot a little, for being so popular from the get go. Creating a sound that is somewhat of a post-punk revival: focusing around loud guitars, eloquent singers and writing aggro pop songs that you can't help but dance along to, made them one of the biggest bands in Britain. Now, with their fifth studio album, the hype surrounding the band has faded, and in my eyes they are doing their best to recapture the musical expertise that made them such big stars. With 'AM' the quartet from Sheffield have done a little to save their name - as this album is kinda' good.

The number one self-titled debut by The 1975 attaches truth to the expression 'where words fail - music speaks.' The album showcases chart-topping single 'Chocolate', and to use Forest Gump's philosophy, it really is like a box of chocolates - you don't know which genre you're gonna be hit with next. But hold up, is this a good thing?

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