- By Ruth Peck

With such a competitive music scene in today's society, it seems almost impossible for new bands to become successful or even recognised for that fact. With thousands of young people taking college courses and degrees in music, what make's any of them stand out from another?


 - By Nima Baniamer


Any music connoisseur only needs to hear the words ‘Daphne and Celeste’ and ‘Reading 2000’ to suddenly conjure up horror images. Drowned by a crowd of jeers, whose artillery consisted of piss-filled bottles, the Youtube clip of their performance has now simply become folk legend. 

Image of Daphne and Celeste taking fire at Leeds Festival 2000, (image compliments of NME.com Reading and Leeds Festivals - 30 great moments)


Originally written by Simon Lock for Mixmag.net

As we mentioned, Cypress Hill and Rusko have teamed up to record a five-track EP due for release later this month, and the pairing have been speaking together for the first time prior to the record's release.


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