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Nowadays, Modestep need little introduction. These dub rockers from London create a sound which would make your gran shudder with fear; they are truly one of a kind, setting the stage alight with every show. After having a hugely busy summer conquering festivals all across the globe, hype has been rapidly growing for their long awaited album, 'Evolution Theory', which will finally hit the shelves on 11th February. I was lucky enough to have a preview of the album and it is safe to say that, well, it tore me a new one.

Music Review

For Fans of: Django Django, Wild Beasts and XTC

It felt like ‘Everything Everything’ blasted on to the scene in 2010 from nowhere with their album ‘Man Alive’. Radio 1 immediately lapped them up, which consequently had people all over the country wondering what exactly they were listening to. With a sound that compares to few other artists out there, Everything Everything have thrown discordant pop hooks, synth and distinctive falsetto vocals slap bang in people’s faces causing mass panic from the likes of Justin Bieber’s ‘Beleibers’ due to their alien sound.

Following a recent news follow up on a Linkin Park gig in Cape Town, it has been reported that a woman has died, and 19 others injured as a result of a Lucozade billboard collapsing on to a group of unsuspecting fans just before Linkin Park were due to come on stage.

Music in film has helped to enhance the viewing experience of films since the end of the silent movie era, and has continued to evolve and serve various functions within and outside the film. Between the film scores, the soundtrack songs and the catchy theme tunes, some of our most popular and unforgettable films have used brilliant music to enhance them.

So, listening to Jake Bugg’s self-titled debut album, it has to be said this kid’s really got something. His music feels like the kind that should be blasted out over a dimly lit bar with girls and boys dressed in oddities, dancing and prancing whilst supping on whiskey or beer. Man, I love a song that makes me feel like I’m starring in one of my favourite old-time movies. This guy is delicious; he’s eighteen, talented and writes the kind of rare lyrics that pull on one’s heartstrings because they’re just so goddamn simple, and so goddamn true and pretty much straight to the goddamn point. Emerging from the council estates of Nottingham to suddenly start playing with the likes of Noel Gallagher, it has to be asked, just what is it that attaches such a sense of romanticism, endearment and cool to the guitar-strumming young man?

Hip-Hop, along with its close cousins RnB and Gangsta Rap is all over our radio stations, television sets and clubs; its stars are household names and its culture and fashion is now inextricably linked with our own. Whether it’s Lil’ Wayne, Eminem or Jay-Z, hip-hop stars dominate our world. But as we buy their albums, wear their clothes and attend their shows, are we listening to their lyrics? Or simply turning a blind eye.

It is 9am on Sunday morning; you are sitting at your laptop, hope and faith in one hand, a budding sense of bitter disappointment and sorrow in the other. Repeating to yourself that this has to be the year, it will be your year; the clock strikes and your nimble fingers get to work. Refresh, refresh, refresh. Sound familiar? Of course, this is the nail-biting occasion that is Glastonbury ticket sales day. The years of preparation, the festival going, the building up to the British festival may all be in vain.

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