The Hollers and The Hymns is the debut album by Sheffield’s newest hard-rockers, Dead Sons. It’s hard to be critical about this album, because it’s just brilliant. Don’t expect to be able to breathe, because this record rarely gives the chance to take a much-needed deep breath from start to finish.

I’m not here to convert anyone, but instead just explain a few things, and defend arguably one of the most influential music genres of the moment. I’m not naive; I can understand why people don’t like dubstep. I’m just here to stick up for it a little…

With an opening song as joyously addictive as ‘Cough Cough’, it is clear that Everything Everything’s newest album ARC is going to go down as one of the best of the year. This is an audacious claim considering that it is only March – however, one listen through this 13 track behemoth cements my views and leaves no room to argue against the brilliance that this album seems to produce with minimal effort. 

The return of HighRise had been a long-awaited event among bass-music lovers and edgy hipster kids alike, and as Beaverworks announced its second-coming on 23rd February, a perceptible roar of approval was audible from the partygoers of Leeds. Many a flat cap was raised, and tangible excitement began to build. Following on from the flabbergasting success of the first HighRise at Vox Warehouse in November 2012, it could be said that expectations were, ahem, rising high…

Having chatted to the guys earlier in the evening we knew how excited they were to be back in Leeds again playing at the Cockpit.  Their support band Mallory Knox came on to Wake up from their new album ‘Signals’, and the atmosphere turned to chaos with the whole crowd chanting the chorus… clearly most of the crowd were not just here for Don Broco!

Britain’s dynamic duo Blood Red Shoes have gone from strength to strength, with national popularity being their prize for success. The night posed an exciting opportunity to hear their raw sound buzz through the intimate setting of this venue.

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