This album’s opening track draws you all the goddamn way in within 30 seconds. Forget pissing about with gentle intros. Guitar riffs and a coordination of notes that sound as though they should overlap a really f***ing life-changing scene of film bring you right to where you need to be instantly. Nerve-endings are set to quivering with excitement in this eerie, atmospheric little prelude. Who am I kidding, there’s nothing little about it; this opener is BIG and this album is even BIGGER.

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Does your music collection consist of dreary, samey monotony? Do you find yourself literally falling asleep while listening to your ‘favourite tunes’? Do you also happen to like all-American emo, pop-punk bands? If you answered yes to all of these questions, or even just the last one, then Transit’s new album Young New England, released on 2nd April, could be your shining light, and I could be your saviour.

Who knew a four-piece rock band from Bedford could make such a massive impression with their début album. That is the best way to describe Don Broco's first album Priorities; it is a début album, on epic levels. Perfectly showing the world just what the boys are about: simple, catchy light rock beats that will get caught up in your head for hours on end.

Despite her role as the handmaiden of the recent British folk-pop revival, Laura Marling’s third album still seems to mystify and estrange. If you’re hoping for answers to the world of Laura Marling in this album, you’ll be disappointed. In the “keep them questioning” spirit of Bob Dylan, the album seems tantalizingly inscrutable and sometimes even frustratingly distant.

Finally back on his feet from codeine-induced seizures that left him seriously hospitalized, hip hop artist Lil Wayne releases the sequel to his 2010 album I Am Not a Human Being. Yes, you guessed it, I Am Not a Human Being II. As one of the most recognisable and biggest-selling artists on the planet, perhaps unfortunately for some, this release is pretty much impossible to ignore.

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R.E.V.O. marks the long-awaited debut album from self-made Canadian superstars, Walk Off The Earth, and serves as a breath of fresh air for anybody tired of monotone shoe-gazing indie bands and the general dreariness of life. Unapologetically optimistic, heartfelt and upbeat, Walk Off The Earth refuse to be constrained or pigeon-holed, and help to banish any glumness brought on by the UK’s currently dismal weather.

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Two years since Wall of Arms, the Maccabees’ much-anticipated new album Given to the Wild is one to watch out for. Including an array of tight and adventurous tracks, it seems The Maccabees have truly hit their stride with this immaculately crafted album, which has taken the band in a far more interesting direction than their previous two. The complex layers within ‘Child’ and ‘Feel to Follow’ bear no resemblance to the sprightly nature of classics such as ‘Latchmere’ and ‘First Love’.  It would be interesting to see how the new mature and astute sounds would translate into live performance. 

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