For a woman who makes up a fifth of one of Britain’s most successful girl bands, Una Foden is surprisingly down to earth; her lilting Irish twang puts me immediately at ease, making me feel like I’m chatting to a good friend, rather than a pop star whose music I’d danced to in front of the mirror as an impressionable teenager.

After signing to Secret Chord Records, 'One Blood' is the newest EP from experienced Bristol alt-rockers Mind Museum. The band have had a long touring history supporting both Young Guns and Twin Atlantic, securing a loyal fan-base along the way. Those fans won't be disappointed with what's been delivered here, but 'One Blood' is unlikely to pull new fans in. 

More rock albums were sold in 2013 than any other genre. Fronted by Snow Patrol's lead guitarist Nathan Connolly, Little Matador have it all to play for. Begging to be played at full volume, their début single 'Stitch Yourself Up' is a force to be reckoned with. Raspy rock vocals, stomp heavy bass, and semi-violent guitar riffs; Little Matador have delivered the type of cohesion that could only be described as sexual ooziness. 

Former front-man of The King Blues knows a thing or two about straight up shenanigans! Itch has thrown a filthy curve-ball at the sound of 2014. Breaking every rule of genre, change is the only thing that's constant on this alluring clamor of infectious infusion. 

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure! After 40 years of touring the world, Fleetwood Mac has had their past revisited, classics embellished and hidden gems uncovered. Hence, Boston is born.

Eager to do more than to treat us with their own spectacular tracks, 'Chvrches' relationship with music has taken a new turn with the launch of their own label - Goodbye Records. Previously managed by her parents, seventeen-year-old SOAK is the first artist to have been signed, and her genius EP is about to be released.   

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