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After being fortunate enough to catch a snippet of the sound-check, I was full of energy and enthusiasm when being introduced to Rob Allen. Meeting me with a firm handshake and the familiar accent of a fellow Londoner, we proceeded to the dressing room. Following a light-hearted exchange, which Rob concluded with “Don’t do drugs kids!” we settled into our seats and started the interview... The last thing I expected to hear was 'Hitler was so fucking annoyed and pissed off...'

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure! After 40 years of touring the world, Fleetwood Mac has had their past revisited, classics embellished and hidden gems uncovered. Hence, Boston is born.

The Million Mask March. The November 5th March. The Day of Revolution March. Just a few of the names given to a yearly protest that takes place not only in England, but also across the world. Hundreds of countries around the globe have participated under the guise of Guy Fawkes’ face, made iconic from the well-known film, ‘V for Vendetta’. Despite the association of the film being recognised by many, what is being recognised about the motives that lie beneath the costumes of these masked revolutionaries?

As soon as someone plants the seed of stardom in an aspiring performers head, X-Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and even Pop Idol are likely to burst into their brain. Many participants, supporters and viewers see these shows as the only shortcut to fame. But… are there any alternatives? The answer is...

WAIT! I know you’ve seen the four stars, but WAIT just a second before putting your headphones on and I’ll tell you why. Yes, Now, Then and Forever, like other albums, comes in online MP3, WAV and regular CD formats, BUT what they forgot to equip listeners with is a complimentary set of sub-woofers for a REAL Earth, Wind & Fire experience. This will blow you away.

I refuse to pretend that I wasn’t prancing around with the head of a mop, having a bit too much fun impersonating Eliza Doolittle, when the returning star’s opening track ‘Waste of Time’ came booming through my speakers. The fact that I didn’t stop when my housemate discovered my guilty pleasure is testament to just how incredible this album is. Within the first two records, Miss Doolittle’s thirteen-track album entitled ‘In Your Hands’, might well have you in the palm of hers. There is no excuse not to love this album. I don’t care if your name is Dave and you’re off to smash a few pints after a hard day of labouring… two minutes of this and you’ll be ready to...


Whether you are about to skydive from 20,000 feet or set your hair on fire for a thrill, you might fancy investing in this album as a source of mental preparation.

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