Joanna Bateson-Hill

Joanna Bateson-Hill

Originating from Brixton, London, I study Theatre and Performance at University of Leeds. I love everything to do with film, theatre and most of all writing, with the occasional bit of swimming thrown in for good measure. I hope to write articles that make people laugh but also make them think. To me, writing is a fun, cheap and healthier form of therapy. I hope that people have as much fun reading my articles as I do writing them, which is a lot.

I don’t care what people say, we’ve got it pretty sweet in the UK. Ok, things aren’t perfect but we’ve got free health care, police, education and a social welfare system .  What pays for all these lovely privileges? Tax.

A tornado has recently ravaged Oklahoma America. Homes and lives have been destroyed and according to the BBC, the death toll stands at 24.  If the shattered people of Oklahoma are looking for someone to blame then they should look no further than God and Jason Collins. But this is all according to the Westboro Baptist Church. Yep, they’re back and more homophobic and bigoted than ever! 

It would appear that as a young boy Mike Jefferies, was never taught the phrase, 'if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.'

We’ve had the BBC trying to pigeon hole us with their 7 different types of class. Chances are, your University newspaper has even tried to categorize you into being ‘nerd’, ‘sport jock’ or ‘party animal’ etc. To jazz things up a little, I thought it might be fun to add a new type of category to stereotype people with... Food. 

Everybody from the Daily Mail, to Vice Magazine to CNN news has something to say about Jonathan Hobin. Why? Because he’s been taking photographs of children dressed as terrorists and what not.

In Kentucky, America  a five year old boy has shot his two year old sister dead with his own gun.  You still sure you need your guns America?

When Amanda Knox first travelled to Perugia Italy, I’m guessing that being arrested, tried and supposedly falsely imprisoned for the murder of Meredith Kercher wasn’t top on her list of priorities for her year abroad. Now, the publisher’s  at Harper Collins have realized that there’s a quick quid or two to be made in the telling of her very unique and disturbing  story.


Meet the Vacant Ladies, a group of burlesque dancers from Leeds. Scarlet Pout, Fluffy Muffin, Golden Days and Flossy Framboise, with the aid of their rather fantastic production team, have been offering tantalizing titillation to their audiences for over a year. I thought I’d have a chingwag with Scarlet Pout, Golden Days and Fluffy Muffin and see what I couldn’t find out about them and the wonderful world of burlesque.

Teenage boys up and down the country, rejoice! Apparently there’s actually an academic debate as to whether porn can be considered good for you. Well not in your get your five a day sense, but you get the drift.

Meet Wirathu. He’s been dubbed as the Burmese Bin Laden. He’s a Buddhist monk and he’s not too fond of Islam. Yeah, I know, it’s a bit confusing.

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