Alexandra Pollard

Alexandra Pollard

My name is Alexandra Pollard. I am almost one of the elderly students at Brighton, and study English language and literature. I love music, reading, fashion and pugs.

Free to tread Britain’s most famous cobbles once more, Michael Le Vell - real name Michael Turner - can finally shake off a rumoured pension for Jimmy Saville’s favourite past time. But how free can Kevin Webster truly be after been labelled a paedophile for two years?

Haim have had a year most bands would sell their souls for: reigning supreme against AlunaGeorge and Laura Mvula in BBC’s Sound of 2013 poll, touring with Florence and the Machine, and playing Glastonbury. The UK has embraced Este, Danielle and Alana, making Haim the first group and American act to win BBC Sound of... since 2004. However, the same honour was bestowed upon The Bravery, who later disappeared quicker than a glamour model's shyness. But if ‘Days Are Gone’ is the standard to judge, Haim will make every girl on earth want to be their ‘wifey’.

With second studio album ‘In Your Hands’ released in October, Eliza Doolittle’s meteoric rise is about to reach even dizzier heights. Already achieving a six-month run in the top ten, could Doolittle become the sunnier version of fellow Camden songstress Amy Winehouse?

Music still sees a bitter, bitchy and unending feud between the musician and the manufactured star. Though one (the first) has more talent in a single strand of hair than their opponent, it is the latter that time and time again sells, sells, sells. However, amassing to present glory doesn’t always guarantee the eternal CRITICAL legacy of greats like Johnny Cash and David Bowie.

Two hours late for your gig, seized monkeys and now wishing Anne Frank was a member of your sect. Welcome to career hell, Justin Bieber; Lindsey Lohan and Katherine Heigl will be your guides.

Beyoncé, an iconic superstar inducing quivers of envy, admiration and strength into young girls all over the world. So it is even more bizarre why she thought, 'You know what, I'm not quite Lady Gaga enough, time to 'bajazzle' my boobs!'

Lap dogs are not lap dancers. However, China appear to have wires crossed by creating the most unusual, disturbing and cringe inducing online trend; we must be in The Matrix because I'm sure normal (and I stress normal) women wouldn't let Lassie borrow their fish nets. I take my Trash Tag article back: people are the internet's bane, and it's time for  reckoning.

The most controversial prime minister has died of a stroke today, drawing great lines of juxtaposition throughout Britain. Baroness Thatcher's legacy lay in The Iron Lady's sternness; a refusal to back down that was strength to supporters and weakness to critics. MPs mourn the loss of an outstanding politician, others remember storms brewed before her resignation in 1990. Such unfathomable disrespect comes from 'Respect' MP George Galloway, tweeting 'Tramp the dirt down.'

'Too many Twits might make a twat.'   David Cameron ('s only wise words)

Media is the succubus of modernity: enticing with instant gratification, ease and unguarded access. Internships galore, clothing in any size sent straight into heart shaped wardrobes, and videos making the nation desperately in wanting of hilarious cats...or a bucket. How did we survive with dial ups and without Twitter? Better, you might say, thanks to living without sodding #hash tags.

Every designer has connected sex to sales; even the bible (Vogue), has cover stars unveiling bits that I prefer to hide during healthy eating hibernation (winter). Naomi Campbell was essentially topless behind P/Puff/whatever he is now Diddy for October 2001's issue, and Natalie Vondianova stripped down, barely covering a nip slip, for 2009's 'Body Talk' edition. Kate Moss has also undressed for Vogue, but a topless CK jeans campaign gave her supermodel status. So why, I hear you ask, does Tom Ford face criticism?

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