Olajide Dania

Olajide Dania

I'm Jide. I have an eclectic music taste and enjoy good concerts, books, films, comedy and travelling. As an avid reader, I believe I have something to contribute to the world of creative writing, and sharing my pearls of wisdom with the world.

Music in film has helped to enhance the viewing experience of films since the end of the silent movie era, and has continued to evolve and serve various functions within and outside the film. Between the film scores, the soundtrack songs and the catchy theme tunes, some of our most popular and unforgettable films have used brilliant music to enhance them.

The Saville revelations at the BBC lifted the lid on a prevalent culture of child abuse within one of the most respected institutions in the world. Saville managed to sidestep allegations for years while he was alive, but who were the ones who made sure his sordid secret activities remained secret.

Daniel Craig is back in the super agent role and with the last Bond film Quantum of Solace bombing at the box office, the new film Skyfall is proving to be an improvement. Back in the day, the release of a Bond film was a much anticipated event, with the amazing opening sequences instantly grabbing the viewers attention and Bond pulling off near impossible stunts to successfully elude his pursuers and leading to the stylish opening credits. The films had it all with gadgets, spy candy (and their suggestive names), megalomaniac villains, lavish scenery, daring stunts, bond theme music, and the use of murder as a precursor to a bad one-liner joke. All agreed, Bond was unique and ultra cool.

So Lewis Hamilton and McLaren have finally decided to part ways at the end of the F1 season after the long drawn out contract negotiations. This was bound to happen at this stage of his career, as it did with Beckham before him:

Like it or loathe it, the X Factor bandwagon is in full swing again, entertaining us with the usual combination of the talented, the not so talented and the talentless. You want to laugh at all the no-hopers unaware of how awful they sound. You want to root for the genuine talented and lively characters and follow them on their journey. You want to see the judges arguing with contestants or amongst themselves. And you want to see cheeky contestants giving the judges a taste of their own medicine.

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