Nicole Jones

Nicole Jones

Recently graduated from uni with a media degree... I am a typical 21 year old-love shopping, partying, socialising, venting and lots of cups of tea!

Take Me Out - the hit ITV show designed to help beautiful people in their quest to find love…but is it all as it seems? With all these reality TV programmes inundating our screens, we are left wondering whether any of it constitutes ‘real life’ at all. With Take Me Out, we are lead into a false sense of security with Paddy McGuiness, the down-to-earth host projecting an image of honesty and enthusiasm. The abundance of glammed-up, tanned, female contestants and the ever growing list of arrogant men (not to forget the token weirdo) performing ridiculous party tricks at an attempt in gaining their affection.

Are you a proud owner of the latest gadgets? Mobile phones, laptops, iPods, game consoles…all attractive to the guy lingering around the corner waiting for the opportunity to sneak through your open window. Politicians have announced that in the situation of being presented with an uninvited visitor,  as English and Welsh home owners, anyone can use "reasonable" force to protect themselves, or to carry out an arrest or to prevent crime. As a student, what can you do to keep your clobber safe? The question is what is “reasonable” force?

Hangover:  ‘the disagreeable physical aftereffects of drunkenness.’ Sound familiar? Of course it does. Well, if it doesn’t what have you been doing?

Well why not fill your head with cookery knowledge instead of aches and haziness? Now, this does mean switching on your oven - the microwave will not suffice. Once you have managed this, get yourself down to your local charity book shop and spend the last shrapnel you have on learning a new skill: baking (hopefully) delicious cakes to look forward to and probably having more friends. Warning - they may have a tendency to invite themselves over unannounced.

According to Business Week, McDonalds is one of the world’s top 10 most recognised brands, but why? What is it that compels us to go in here whenever we feel a little bit peckish? What is so attractive about those golden arches?

With the influx of reality TV ‘celebs’, are celebrity magazines all a much ado about nothing? Five years into the future, will the likes of Kerry Katona, Joey Essex and Katie Price still exist? I think probably not. Well, I hope not. They will just be replaced by a few more pointless, talentless ‘celebrities’ thrown together by yet more ridiculous reality TV programmes. Take Peter Andre for example, now he’s not in a turbulent relationship he’s clinging on to the last remaining scraps of his sinking career by telling stories to kids in shopping centres? Oh dear.

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