Charles Clark

Charles Clark

X Factor contestant Aiden Grimshaw is back on the scene having just released his début album 'Misty Eye' and touring the UK. We got the chance to chat to him about his new album, what life is like post X Factor, and how One Direction have taken over the world...

Medication at Nation, Liverpool: the only club night you will ever need as a student. Medication is one of the city’s biggest nights. In fact, it’s so big it has been crowned BounceSIN's No.1 event in the whole of Liverpool.

There are some weird things that go on in the world, and weird people love these weird things. It seems as though the word ‘festival’ doesn’t necessarily mean getting horrendously drunk and drowning in mud whilst listening to music to everyone. If you’re bored of all that, or want to see something that’ll just make you think “what the f**k”, then perhaps try going to one of these more unique traditions / festivals around the world...

For the third time in less than a month, the royal family are faced with yet another nudity scandal. In the past month alone, an up-kilt shot of Prince Philip’s crown jewels was captured and a naked Harry was snapped in a Vegas hotel room. This time, the scandal is in the form of Kate Middleton’s boobs.

King of drum & bass and owner of Hospitality Records, London Elektricity, is no stranger to Leeds’ nightlife. Having headlined Hospitality events in the O2 Academy and around the world, he’s seen the best and worst of the drum & bass world. We sat down with the DJ for a quick chat...

Here we go again, it’s that time of year where all you Apple fan-boys and fan-girls need to start packing your sleeping bags and thermos flasks, because pretty soon you’ll be joining the local homeless community in the streets, as you sleep on the pavement in a sweaty queue of like-minded geeks in anticipation for the iPhone 5.

Cast your memories back to the 20th July last month and the main news story that day was the Colorado shooting, in which university dropout James Holmes killed 12 innocent people in a cinema. Now, back to August, and grieving families and over 1,000 other people have attended a memorial service for the 34 South African miners who were shot dead by police whilst striking last Thursday (16th August).

Prince Harry often seems to be getting caught up in media drama with his partying habits and wild antics. From dressing up as a Nazi and smoking Marijuana, to making racial slurs and fighting with photographers, the young prince never fails to bring attention to the royal family - in ways that his granny most certainly wouldn’t appreciate.

He’s most recently drawn in criticism after photos that show him in Vegas, completely naked, cupping his crown jewels, with girls clinging to him like a koala after playing strip billiards, were leaked online. Whatever happened to ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’?

"Yellow model chick, yellow bottle sipping, yellow Lamborghini, yellow top missing, yeah yeah, that s**t look like a toupée, I get what you get in ten years, in three days." - These emotional, thought provoking lyrics were penned by the great musical pioneer and visionary, Chris Brown, one of this century's deepest and most highly celebrated musicians. A list which also includes Drake, Nicki Minaj, Lil' Wayne, Busta Rhymes - the list is endless and full of unprecedented talent.

I'm joking.

For Mo Farah, Saturday night was the high-point of his life. As he crossed the finish line, the Somalian born runner provided us all with a photo-finish and one of the most memorable sporting events in history. His win in the men's 10,000m final at the Olympics earned him an Olympic gold medal and the love of an entire nation... almost. Whilst Mo, his family and the nation joined together in celebration, some people, most likely right-wing Daily Mail readers, raised the question of 'why should a Somalian born athlete be allowed on Team GB?

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