The question is at the tip of your tongue, the foreground of your mind, and somehow at the front of it: do we attempt long distance? If only life were as simple as it was for Pochahontas: her answers were just around the river bend. Where were my answers? Oh, they were acting like toddlers refusing to take a bath, hiding until I became a hide-and-seek world champion. Why on earth have I tested these waters twice?

Domestic violence is a topic that is almost exclusively angled in gendered terms. Often unblinkingly referred to as the perfect example of ‘gendered violence’, the victims are always portrayed as female, and the perpetrators almost unwaveringly are all male. However, as we move further into the 21st century, new research and statistics are revealing that this image is not only a slight misjudgement, but an utter fallacy, and a complete misrepresentation of the topic of domestic abuse.

I’m not sure whether it’s wonderful or soul destroying that on Valentine’s Day 2013, Pornhub allowed its users to watch Premium videos for free. Whilst I’d love to say it restored my faith in humanity with this blessing for frisky singletons, as soon as my excitable male flatmates informed me of this treat, every inch of my porn-ignorant brain still screamed ‘SCAM’ and I implored them not to do it.

Call me old fashioned, but I’ve long championed the idea that relationships at University are much like a monster breakfast on a hangover. While satisfying at first, they are both inevitably followed by nausea, submission to the foetal position and declarations of life-long abstinence.

The obvious phallic shaped food. It's not just the shape but the concentration on your face as you rotate it, testing the best angle to shove it in before you take that first chomp, wide eyed and relieved it fit. Forgetting you earlier smothered it in ketchup and mustard leaving you with a rainbow tash as you try to chew and swallow the first bite so that conversation can continue and he can stop staring at you like you've been talking about periods for the past 10 minutes. It might seem sexy to act out oral sex over dinner, but it's not, some things are definitely better left in the bedroom (park, car, kitchen, whatever you fancy).

Take Me Out - the hit ITV show designed to help beautiful people in their quest to find love…but is it all as it seems? With all these reality TV programmes inundating our screens, we are left wondering whether any of it constitutes ‘real life’ at all. With Take Me Out, we are lead into a false sense of security with Paddy McGuiness, the down-to-earth host projecting an image of honesty and enthusiasm. The abundance of glammed-up, tanned, female contestants and the ever growing list of arrogant men (not to forget the token weirdo) performing ridiculous party tricks at an attempt in gaining their affection.

The front pages are still male dominated and sexist (Guardian, 15.10.12). Quite the statement. The article, as its name indicates, is a supposed expose on the broadsheet, quality and popular British press, claiming that they exhibit largely uniform and in some cases striking sexual discriminatory habits. Indeed the report does seem to show that this is correct. The results are interesting, but not surprising.

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