The holidays are coming. But officially when?

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If there is one question we all need a legitimate answer to stop bickering as the woolly socks, mittens and knitted hats come out to play, it is definitely: when is it officially Christmas time? There is no question more controversial, no debate more heated. Someone please tell us when, write it down on the calendar … CHRISTMAS BEGINS. They do it with summer, so why not Christmas? We are all very fed up of the Christmas song whiners that grumble and groan every time you enter a shop and hear a chorus of ‘well I wish it could be Christmas every day, when the kids start singing and the band begins to play', emitting complaints such as it “eghhh it’s too early” and “stop it, it’s not even December yet”.


We have different teams:

·         The Christmas begins when the coke advert is played team.

But surely this is not an acceptable method of measurement, because the John Lewis adverts now entirely rain over the Coke adverts' Coke-truck parade. Realistically, you can’t make sure an enormous life changing decision upon an advert which has consisted of the same group of people to line the streets to see some Coke trucks trawl past, compared to balling your eyes out to a little boys handing their parents their present, snowmen trekking across mountains to treat their snowwomen, and rabbits giving bears alarm clocks while Ellie Golding or someone as equally emotional sings their heart out.


·         The Christmas begins as soon as the last firework has silenced on bonfire night team.

But then again, people to tend to milk firework activities for the preceding week or so. After all, how can you not feel Christmassy when every town centre you wander through is draped with gleaming Christmas lights.   


·         The Christmas begins when the first advent chocolate has been scoffed team.

Fair play to this team - it makes sense that the 1st of December begins Christmas. We eat a chocolate to welcome in the countdown - it all seems very legitimate. But then again the late November has potential as the build-up to advent calendar season; the only period of time when you will without a doubt discuss chocolate as a daily occurrence.


·         The horrifically depressing Christmas begins on Christmas eve team.

Don’t even get me started on this lot - shame on you, grumpy sods! I don’t care if you finish work exactly on Christmas Eve - you total Scrooges can’t ignore the Christmas parties, Christmas shopping and Christmas card writing you have been doing weeks before.


·         The majorly keen individuals who believe Christmas starts as soon as they touch back onto British soil from their summer holiday team.

No, no, no, no... really you’re just going to be rather disappointed when you do all your Christmas shopping and preparation in September you’re going to be left rather resembling the small boy in John Lewis’s 2011 Christmas advert twiddling your thumbs and desperately wishing time would fast forward a few months.


So you heard it here first, tell any whiners that Christmas officially begins at the end of November. That's final.

Merry Christmas to you all!

Suziee Cassels

19 year old Newcastle University student

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