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When taking the step from student life to graduate living at home, there were obviously things I knew I was going to miss. Independence, going out, and ‘free money’ - is but to name a few. It’s not all downhill, though. Earning money, living in a house with a full fridge, an ironing board, and moving out from a road which once boasted the status of ‘most burgled street in England’, are certainly no bad things. However, it’s only upon leaving the student bubble that I’ve come to realise the things I didn’t know quite how much I was going to miss.


Student discount. Whilst losing the 10% Topshop discount may have been a blessing in disguise, the £50 gym memberships and £10 adult ticket on a weekend at my local cinema feel as though I have fallen out of the beautiful student loan tree and now am hitting every prickly branch on the way down. In other words, I’m still poor - but now no one cares.


Hangovers. Moaning to house mates about how this is the absolute worst anyone has ever felt, crawling intermittently in and out of bed at your leisure, and nursing yourself with a healthy prescription of skipping your lecture and watching Disney films.  As much as you feel sorry for yourself, you can spend the day happy in the knowledge that one more day off won’t hurt and that it’s more than likely you will have miraculously recovered in time for whatever night you’ve already bought tickets for that evening. As a full time worker, watching a hangover engulf one out of the two of your precious days off is a heart-break only time can heal.


Being surrounded by other students. It was all so much simpler to share the common bond of a) not knowing what to do with your degree, so to not bother asking, b) the comfort of explaining exactly how drunk you were without any eyebrow raising, and c) no judgement on the state of your kitchen. It's two mugs, mum, there is no way that warrants doing the washing up.


Time. In my final year I thought I was soooo busy. So busy that I could fit in going to the gym, yoga, 3 coffee breaks, a lunch break, 20 Daily Mail articles, 1 episode of Made in Chelsea and a trip to the pub in and around my day of reading at the library. Leaving the house at 9am was something to boast about and my four contact hours a week were a real nuisance. I did have a lot of work, yes. But I also had the freedom to piss away as much time as I saw fit to suit myself. I’m not exactly sure how my boss would respond if I tried to justify spending an hour on Facebook with “but I did get up at 8am today”, but I do not think it would be pleasant, nor would they understand the dire and unstoppable need for a 3pm nap.


And finally, the ability to pass off any form of cluelessness or lack of responsibility as just being a student. Don’t know what to do with your life? Doesn’t matter yet, you’re a student! Furniture falling to pieces? Just balance it carefully when you move out and forget it ever happened. Threw up on yourself in the middle of a lecture? Legend. Waking up next to a stranger in your student house can be the start of a funny story, doing the same in your parents’ house would be the start of a very awkward silence. The point being, being a student is a justified reason for getting away with it. Make the most of it. 


Lizzie Scourfield

History student at the University of Leeds. I have a special sort of love for Sean Paul and puns.

Website: www.twitter.com/lizziescours

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