Hasta la vista, Hangover!

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Ah… the dreaded hangover. A rite of passage that serves as an unwelcome reminder that you have inevitably forgotten everything about the night before, but assures you that somewhere along the line, you definitely made a t**t of yourself.

What would a night out be if it didn’t end up in a splitting headache and a mouth drier than Jack Dee? If your answer to that question is, ‘a bloody good one’, then hangover-free beer might just tickle your fancy.


Mention the word ‘hangover’, and you will be met with a flurry of sympathetic groans and a list of home remedies as long as your arm. Everybody wants to prevent the damn things, or failing that, acquire a quick fix cure. Could this be it?


Brewed in Australia, this beer adds electrolytes to its brew in order to prevent dehydration; the main cause of a hangover. Unfortunately, in order to eliminate the hangover, the alcohol content has also been effectively eliminated; essentially transforming your beer to something akin to energy drink. Firstly, can beer really claim to be hangover-free if it also proves to be nigh on impossible to get drunk from it in the first place?


Despite the taste apparently staying the same, your hangover surely can’t be a good enough substitution for alcoholic content. Let’s face it, that warm fuzzy feeling you get on a Saturday night at the pub doesn’t just come from being sat around with your mates. When you’re feeling a little bit tipsy, every memory of every hangover you’ve ever had somehow escapes your mind as that golden liquid slides down your throat. Yes, the next morning you habitually curse your past self as you scramble nauseated from the covers to make that 9am lecture. But in my opinion, with beer, as in life, you have to take the good with the bad. You can’t have a cheeky bottle of vino after a ‘hard day at the office’ and expect not to suffer the consequences – Life can’t be that perfect, surely?


In all seriousness, our ‘have your cake and eat it too’ culture has led us to expect so much from advancing technology, but is this really good for us? Let’s face it, without that throbbing head in the morning would we ever bloody stop drinking? The negative aspects of our favourite guilty pleasures ensure that everything that goes past our lips does so in moderation - a life lesson, if you will.


My verdict is simple: Wear your hangovers with pride. Let’s not over complicate things too much, if you’ve had a good night you are most definitely not in for a good morning. Bottoms up..


Chloe Gittins

Hi! Typical student here. Loves sleepy days and long nights, being with friends and a cheeky pint of wine. Currently in my second year at Leeds studying History.

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