In Desperate Pursuit of the Body Beautiful

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Victoria's Secret model...too optimistic? Victoria's Secret model...too optimistic?

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that a crazy switch flips in the heads of many girls in the month of May. What is it about May that makes it so perfect for beginning a weight loss regime? It seems that people suddenly realise they only have 2 months left until summer and so they need to do something about flab NOW. Also, advertising for summer clothes, diet programs and gyms kicks up a notch around this time.

Here are the main harbingers of the ‘body beautiful’ season:

Way more people at the uni gym

Suddenly, people who had never even seen a treadmill previously are going to this chamber of sweat to get ripped and glance jealously at skinny people.

Girls swarming round the healthy food sections

Like vultures, they circle around aisles full of cereal bars and overpriced, packaged seeds. Why would they do this when the chocolate bars are just metres away??

Sports bras and cropped gym trousers

Sick of the sight of them already. If I see one more girl flouncing around in expensive (and criminally underused) gym wear, I’ll…oh wait, I just saw another one.

Calorie counting sites and apps crash

Yep. They crash (probably) under the pressure of thousands of new users using them as personal coaches and dieticians. Although, doesn’t this just breed an unhealthy obsession?

People go bikini shopping

I, personally, don’t wear bikinis, and have only worn one once in my life. But lots of people love them, and buy gorgeous new ones as motivation.

Recognizing all the signs? Well, if you can’t beat them, join them. Pick up the salad, purchase some sandals, and hope for the best…

Naomi Anderson Whittaker

Writer from London. Studies sociology in Leeds. Hates cold weather. Eats cheesecake. Drinks Whiskey. Reads horoscopes (sometimes).


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