You Know You're A Student When...

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Everyone has a general idea of what students are like, but is it possible to pinpoint the actual moment when one moves from a mere sixth former to an actual fully blown student? Is it when you've had a string of one night stands in Fresher's week? Or said the phrase 'spillage is lickage' and actually followed that rule? Here are my top ten dignity-reducing moments when you come to the shocking realisation that you are in fact just another dirty student...

 1. Pasta and ketchup constitutes a ‘proper’ meal

2. Making a to-do list is the peak of organisation

3. Cleaning the mugs from the living room only happens when you’re hosting pre drinks

4. A productive day at Uni consists of going to one lecture and spending the rest of the day socialising in coffee shops

5. Making a 9am lecture and then going home a midday for a well-deserved nap

6. Can’t quite find the pennies to pay for those text books but Friday nights vodka is a must-have

7. Working hard for a good ten minutes permits a quick hour on Facebook

8. It’s socially acceptable to buy milk in pj’s at any time of day or night

9. The ‘new year new me’ phase starts to fade two weeks into the new semester; who cares about joining the gym anyway?

10. Attending the lecture and listening for the first ten minutes means the next 50 are spent tweeting about it


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