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Lap dogs are not lap dancers. However, China appear to have wires crossed by creating the most unusual, disturbing and cringe inducing online trend; we must be in The Matrix because I'm sure normal (and I stress normal) women wouldn't let Lassie borrow their fish nets. I take my Trash Tag article back: people are the internet's bane, and it's time for  reckoning.

Trend is a broad term, having slept with more industries than Hugh Hefner has house bunnies. Combined with the internet, it is the most powerful tool for advertising. So why on Earth are we planking, Batmanning, shaming our cats/dogs, then turning beloved pooches into Sin City strippers?

According to Rude Tube it's funny, but some of this stuff leaves me more incapable of laughing than Chandler is of crying.

Why photograph the mundane and forget ugly food?

The commoner's Pot Noodle and cheese toastie are discriminated by Instagram's Britain's Next Top Food Model. Company is campaigning for fast food to take Swan Lake's lead, minus Natalie Portman's Oscar worthy psychoses.  Sorry, no mental fiddling with Mila Kunis boys. Nonetheless, there's a nice, strange pointlessness giving reign to cupboard underdogs.

Returning to the gou gou chuan siwa fad (dogs in tights), it's face smackingly obvious that this is cruel. Apart from the husky producing a better pout than Keira Knightly, it must be horrifically uncomfortable. Tights aren't always cosy for me, and I know dogs don't worry about them straying from higher places than Simon Cowell's trousers, but the material pulls. If my legs suffer during yeti season, your dog's will to.

Though no animal looks distressed, they must feel discomfort similar to a belt being too tight. 

Trends get madder, whether they are: adorable Grumpy Cats, Game of Thrones banter, or fans that are too devastated Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson. Underneath hilarity lay troublesome trends from fake twitter accounts, or tweets spurting out abuse without any knowledge.

One only needs the evidence of Rehtaeh Parsons, a seventeen year old who committed suicide after  months of Twitter abuse. After been gang-raped, one abuser posted pictures of Rehtaeh's rape around her school, but somehow she became the slut.

Tweets and Facebook statuses  take lives in other ways, spawning vile hoaxes that turn celebrities into zombies. RIP Rihanna, you were the latest victim.

The nanna inside me invades my twenty year old brain, re-inventing Alien's infamous scene with my Prefrontal cortex. Therefore, shaping a sane insanity, questioning when the internet will stick it's mental 'trending' love child back in the asylum.

Tartar Sauce (Grumpy Cat): "I trended once, I hated it."

Alexandra Pollard

My name is Alexandra Pollard. I am almost one of the elderly students at Brighton, and study English language and literature. I love music, reading, fashion and pugs.


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