Sexist? Ageist? Racist? Where Should We Draw The Line?

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 Recently in a coffee shop I overheard a conversation between a group of friends. They were having a ‘heated debate’ about the expectations women have of men; men paying on a date, or men asking women out. Their discussion spiralled out of control and became a slanging match, every member of the group trying to speak out about society and the current problems still happening today. The problem with this particular argument was that it was offensive, partly untrue and hypocritical. I feel, and I am sure some of you can agree, that it almost feels like we are walking around on egg shells, scared of doing anything in case someone somewhere points the finger and tells us we’re sexist for going to lunch with our girl mates, or ageist for over-taking old people on the street (we all do it, right?!)

I intended to write an article on sexism against men, I researched the topic and found many interesting scenarios where men are treated unfairly or differently from women. Problems arise because women who read such articles feel offended that they are ‘sticking up’ for the opposite sex, whereas all I am actually doing is drawing attention to another problem that otherwise may be unnoticed. We see it every time we rock up to Mission on a Thursday and the bouncers let groups of girls skip on in in their short shorts despite their obvious intoxications, whereas the boys are turned away or threatened with violence. Just because I am aware of this problem doesn’t mean I hate feminists or agree with sites that completely degrade women such as UniLad. I am completely against sexism, but surely that includes sexism against men as well?

I feel if we go out looking for a problem, in most situations we will find one. Where can we draw the line? It seems people are arguing to be heard, but do they have substance behind their words? As a society, are we ranting about nothing? Am I being hypocritical because I am ranting about those who rant?

As students, life will never be easier, nor will we have fewer responsibilities than we do now. Who else can sit in all day watching Grey’s Anatomy re-runs and eating Pringles ‘til 8pm hits and we crack out the vodka? Surely at this point in our lives we should be enjoying ourselves? We have the rest of our lives to worry if we’re sexist, and surely we have better things to do and worry about (outfit for Tequila anyone?)

Keep your opinions and views, but leave your soapbox at home and learn to enjoy life a little while we have it so easy.

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