The Boobgate Scandal

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For the third time in less than a month, the royal family are faced with yet another nudity scandal. In the past month alone, an up-kilt shot of Prince Philip’s crown jewels was captured and a naked Harry was snapped in a Vegas hotel room. This time, the scandal is in the form of Kate Middleton’s boobs.

The royal family are taking legal action against Closer, a French magazine which published photos of a topless Duchess, and it has reinforced the rough and often turbulent relationship that the royals have always had with the paparazzi and press.

Harry’s infamous Vegas pictures were taken whilst in a hotel room in Vegas and the pictures of topless Kate were taken whilst they were holidaying in France in a private chateau, and as St James’ Palace said, they are a gross invasion of privacy. Surely a private chateau is private?

But we all love a bit of a nudity scandal. Why? Who knows? We all already knew Kate Middleton had breasts, and we all already assumed Prince Philip had a trouser trout, yet in a weird, slightly disturbing way, we all want to see the pictures.  

In the normal world, the photographer would be sent to prison for stalking or harassment. But in the distorted world of fame and celebrity, it’s considered perfectly acceptable by the press and media for strange, usually overweight and slightly sweaty men, to hide in bushes and snap nude photos of people whilst they’re on a private holiday. 

How do they get away with it?

Whilst the law gives freedom to the press, this law has also extended onto paparazzi as they’re considered to gather the news as well. But if they come under scrutiny, they can defend their actions on two grounds, newsworthiness and newsgathering.

But that’s when we have to ask ourselves if Kate Middleton’s tits really count as news? How newsworthy can a woman’s bazoomas really be? If you get a picture of some royal boobs, you’re not gathering news, you’re just gathering some rather perverted pictures, otherwise known as soft-porn.

It’s not just royalty though. It’s celebrities too. It seems nowadays that when you go into a certain industry or way of life, to do something you love, you have to sign away your privacy and personal life to get to where you want.

As clichéd as it may sound, celebrities and royals are people too, and they’re entitled to the same privacy as us normos. But I’m not going to lie to you, as soon as I heard about the Harry and Kate photos I did rush to find them (not so much the Prince Philip ones), but after I saw them, I felt sorry for them. Let's just hope that we have not another Diana case on our hands.

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