Calling All Sluts, Slags and Hos!

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As I sat contemplating on this issue, a few things came to mind. Firstly, is there any point when the whole opinion to be held on this subject must surely be more obvious than bears s***ting in woods and Popes being Catholic? And secondly, would my inadequate fingers be able to keep up with my enraged and fiery thoughts as I attempted to type them into this machine at the speed of a feminist-coloured-light?

Sandra Fluke: the Slut and the Prostitute

As Sandra Fluke returns to the forefront of gender politics this week, one is reminded of the whole vile, sexist affair that took place several months ago in the Rush-Limbaugh-Sandra-Fluke debacle. In February this year (2012), a controversy of contraceptive debate swept over America as conservative talk-show host, Rush Limbaugh condemned women’s-rights activist, Fluke as a “slut” and a “prostitute”. Words fail to form in the mouths of flabbergasted 21st century women and men upon contemplating the outrageousness of these extremist, backward remarks, brought on by Fluke’s support that contraception for women should be minimum coverage without copay when health insurance is bought. Of course, the clue is in the job description with Limbaugh being a conservative talk-show host, but still, his shortcomings as a human being should not mean he is justified in making such ridiculously callous remarks.


An Ancient Form of Oppression

Now, it goes without saying that anyone with anything about them knows that words such as “slut”, “slag” and “whore” are obsolete in this day and age. Merely a form of belittling women and trying to force them back into the Emily-Davison-shaped whole in the wall they have been so rapidly and fiercely climbing out of for years, the pathetic little one-syllable-size-compensators are barely worth paying attention to.

But they are still being used. In the case of Sandra Fluke, the reason behind her being branded a “slut” and a “prostitute” is of course, outlandish and unjustified. But many would not think the same of a woman being thrust under these archaic and irrelevant categories for visible sexual freedom.


The Modern-Day Slag

If a woman chooses to have several sexual partners, she is of course, a “slag”. If she cheats on her boyfriend, she is of course a “whore”. And if a woman, God forbid, has had more sexual partners than a male counterpart, she is a raging “slut”. I can barely say these words, despite my satirical use of them, without cringing. How is it that today’s society is still using this age-old Chaucerian language with an actual seriousness of attitude? Get with the times.

Fluke, quite rightly, downright refused Mr. Bigot’s apologies back in February, and now takes America by storm with her impressive speeches and adamant attitudes towards women’s rights. It seems she is content in her life and comfortable with herself, unlike the stuffy, right wing Limbaugh who, I get the strangest feeling, really needs to get laid

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