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The Paralympic Games have been taking the UK by storm with hype and interest. This year the Paralympics are getting a lot of attention via the media, even compared to that of the Olympic Games, which unfortunately seemed to be gaining most of its publicity through product advertisement. It appears that this year could be the biggest Paralympic Games the world has seen so far, even to the point of rivalling the Olympic Games itself through importance and popularity, and putting across a message promoting hard work and perseverance. 

So far, the Paralympic Games are getting an equal amount of attention as the Olympics Games. The official London 2012 website has the same type of content and devotion as it did for the Olympics, with sport information, a schedule of each sporting event, athlete profiles and even a countdown to when the Games begin.

So why has this years Games gained so much attention? It could be assumed that it is all part of the nation making the most of London 2012 Games and the fact that we have be given the amazing opportunity to hold both  Games, yet it seems to be much more than that. There is speculation that it has been aimed to conform to political correctness and equal opportunities. However, Channel 4’s chief executive David Abraham has said that the reason they are airing this year’s Paralympics has nothing to do with political correctness, but to ‘change attitudes and minds about disability’.

In a society continually obsessing over political correctness you would assume that people would feel obliged to be excited over the Paralympics. But it really does seem that people are eager to see this year’s sporting competition, to see the courage and ability of the athletes, and feeling the same sense of national pride that we have shared during the Olympics.

What rivals the Paralympic and Olympic Games is the sense of empowerment and inspiration that the Paralympic Games have already given the citizens of this nation. Reminding people that we can all be equals no matter what our past, and that no matter what our disadvantages may be, with hard work and determination we really can accomplish anything.

Jenny Pinder

I'm a 22 year old living in Hull, soon to be living in Leeds. I recently found out I have officially passed my university degree, so now I have a summer of fun to look forward to. At the moment everything in life is falling nicely into place.

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