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You’re sat on the side of the runway, Gnarles Barkley blaring, your head bobbing to the beat, you cross your legs under your couture gown, the lights fade and out struts the first model, she looks exquisite. Her legs go for miles, her beauty is unimaginable, she walks with such confidence. The end draws close and you stand to applaud, out walks the male designer, you continue to clap, out walk the models, all men, you think back, you remember being jealous of their figures, their long hair, their poise. Would you stop clapping at the point of realisation?

Men are climbing the ladder of success in the fashion industry, as men, and as women, but is there anything wrong with transvestites crossdressing for fashion?

Controversy hit when models such as Lea T walked an Elle catwalk post-op. Born a man, Lea had gender reassignment surgery to make her female. She spoke of her difficulties on Oprah saying it was easier to live as a gay man than be transgender, which she did previously despite knowing she was not gay.

Looking at Lea you would never know she’s transexual; her slim build, symmetrical face and voluptuous lips are everything a designer looks for so surely it doesn’t matter about their past. Isis King is another transexual who first appeared on America’s Next Top Model, hosted by Tyra Banks, she openly admitted to being transgender and pre-op. She was confronted with homophobic comments and negative feedback but kept positive, doing better that anyone predicted in the competition. She is now working as a model and designer and is a huge inspiration in the fashion industry. ‘God doesn’t make mistakes, I’m not a mistake’ Isis told top model Clark Gilmer who was ignorant enough to say her being on the show was ‘a slap in the face’.

Andrej Pejic is an androgynous model who blurs the line between male and female. He walks as a woman and poses as a man, he hasn’t and doesn’t plan to have surgery, unless of course he was offered a contract with Victoria Secret he told Hilary Alexander after walking in a Jean Paul Gaultier show.

So what is it with the idea of men not only dressing as but acting like women? Are we threatened by them because they could make a better woman? Have more elegance, a better dress sense and could potentially steal all the nice guys? No, I think the world is still just homophobic.

We’re scared of something we don’t understand, which is understandable. Models are known for their boyish frames so why not use men? So to the people who say it’s wrong, who say gays don’t go to heaven, who say men should be men, get over it, it’s not your life and it doesn’t affect you in the slightest you homophobe.

Check out the Andrej Pejic modeling wedding gowns for Rosa Clara (you seriously wouldn’t know there’s fruit down there):

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