You have the power to make or take a life: What would you do?

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'ABORTION' IS A SHATTERING AND DEVASTATING WORD TO EVERYONE WHO ENCOUNTERS IT. Potential mothers (and fathers) who are forced into the demoralising decision to abort their unborn child will still grieve and weep when the small bump has gone, when the morning sickness no longer prevails, when the monthly bleeding returns and when life goes on as though their baby never existed.

The widely talked about recent devastation of Gary Barlow’s stillborn daughter earlier this month has illustrated the pain parents truly go through when losing an unborn child. It is no different for those who opt for abortions; they feel the loss of life too.

Anti-abortion activists like to wave their wooden signs claiming “ABORTION KILLS CHILDREN”, “PRO-LIFE” etc. Their hearts are definitely in the right place, and the foetus’ right to life is undisputedly the most complicated point of argument in the entire debate, but there is no consideration towards the mother here. Does she not have a right to control her own life? If the foetus’ life has not yet begun, surely the mother’s life should take president. When does life really begin?




Abortions are legal up to 24 weeks in the UK, but a number of premature births in recent years have proved that babies born before this threshold do have the ability to fight through to survive nowadays.

But if the baby was destined to live a life of misery, pain, illness, with a potentially premature death and a poor quality of life due to being born, it would not be fair to go through with the pregnancy. Modern medical care means that it is possible to predict if a baby will have a life limiting illness, and in certain extreme circumstances this makes abortion acceptable. But hang on, life is life, a child is a child. Who said we were allowed to play God in choosing who gets to live and who has to die before they’ve even had the chance to live?

Perhaps we should remove all sentimentality for the moment, and consider this issue in a light of practicality. Accidents happen; condoms split and pills get missed, relentless sperms wiggle their ways into hundreds of resistant eggs to create unwanted children who will be brought into a cruel world full of difficult upbringings with parents that weren’t ready financially, or even mentally, to be parents.

So the legalisation of abortion is necessary as there will always be a demand for it. If women cannot seek professional medical care for their abortions, they will be forced to go underground to ask for help from seedy, illegal organisations where the operation is carried out in unsanitary conditions with kitchen utensils and DIY tools. Women will die and suffer as they still do in third world countries. Britain must move forward in civilisation, not take a step back.

But here's another contradiction to this never-ending dispute; it is possible that the legalisation of abortion encourages people to be careless. If you get knocked up, you can easily be rid of the nuisance before your partner even questions the nonstop sex that’s been going on for 6 weeks.

Do you know what happens in a partial birth abortion, when a baby gets too big for the usual methods? Some of the baby’s body, feet first, is pulled out of the mother’s vagina. The surgeon then inserts a sharp object into the back of its little head before replacing it with a vacuum tube to suck out the brains of the child that has never had the chance to think, or learn how to defend itself. Because of its tender, harmless bones, its head contracts to allow for an easier removal from the mother’s womb. For humans, we can be quite inhumane sometimes...

Congressman Tod Akin caused outrage in an interview on the principles of abortion for rape victims. He seemed to believe the “female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” What a biologically ignorant, pathetic specimen of a man to declare such a thing! Oh, and to add to this, it’s only if it’s a ‘legitimate rape’... Umm, since when has there been illegitimate rape? 

Female rape victims have no choice in their getting pregnant, so they should have the right to rid themselves of the dreadful pregnancy. A constant reminder of the worst moments of a woman’s life is not what she wants her child to be, and no child would want grow to be the spawn of such an evil act. Savethe bullshit Tod, it’s here where abortion finds its place in society.

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