Are You a Slag?

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“You slaaag” is one heckle no one ever wants to hear. “Slag” and “man-whore” are words which are thrown around campus more than discarded cigarette butts and crumpled flyers.

Leeds Metropolitan students apparently rack up a total of 9.4 sexual partners each (, and although the University of Leeds ranks at a respectable 6.3, there are definite signs that the Leeds water is infected with something, be it sexually transmitted or not.

 It goes without saying that it tends to be something stronger than water which proves to be the downfall of us all. Alcohol is an obvious major contributing factor to the diminishment of the lovely girl-next-door into the Beyoncé-sized booty-caller; but ten WKD’s aside, what is it about student life which is such an aphrodisiac?

Sex During Fresher’s Week

42% of prospective students ( see that exciting first Fresher’s week as an excuse to screw anything that breathes – and even the benefit of respiration doesn’t appear to be all that important. The mental and physical freedom from the family home quickly and recklessly develops into an increasing sense of sexual freedom, and bingo: “copulation ahoy”.

Sex at Oxbridge

Anonymous blogger has over one thousand followers on her website. She crudely and honestly relates the stories of her sex life at university, including the less glamorous awkward conversations before and after.

While reading through her posts the true experience of sex at university is told, warts and all. And other than the blatant amusement which comes with confessing the true topic of her blog to the unsuspecting guy she’s just slept with, you’re just left with one thought floating around in your head:

Why do we do it?

Nadia*, a 20 year old student from Leeds reveals why the notches on her bedpost have practically doubled since starting at university two years ago:

“Sex is just a huge part of the uni culture. And whereas ‘slag’ is a looser term at university than it is at home, one girl in my halls threw a party when she hit the 50 person mark... Now that is a slag!”

So if you’re starting to panic that your bedroom may need a revolving door installed, don’t worry – as long as you don’t have to buy your ‘number’ a golden anniversary present, I think you’re doing fine. 

Jessica Baggaley

I make the incoherent coherent through punctuation, adjectives and irony.


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