Homelessness is an enduring and chronic disease.

Squatting could now become a criminal offence, giving those who impugn the law a criminal record, up to 6 months in prison, a £5000 fine, or all of the above. It would appear that this law too has been a swift decision, and as it germinates the consequences will be horrific to many homeless people in the UK who have little other option but to break it. These sick bastards are doing all they can to drive these people over the edge. Anyone who’s walked home through Leeds at half 4 knows that hell hath no fury like a tramp who’s bored and full of White Lightning.

You’ve done it. You got in. You’ve got the grades, you’ve got the accommodation, and you’re ready to head off to your new carefree life of blissful, alcoholic freedom in Leeds. But still, that doesn’t stop the niggling, nervous-yet-excitable doubts you can’t seem to stop flitting around in your A-level-conquering brain: what if I get lost and am late to my first seminar? What if I get bored of eating baked beans? What if my flatmate is a bossy, prejudiced, unsociable nudist with a tendency to play the drums at 7am every day?

Monogamy. Is it a way of life? Or just a word? Can a relationship survive if there’s more than two people supping from the proverbial fountain?

There is nothing that gets the doe-eyed amongst us cooing faster than long-time sweethearts. We all wish we could be that elderly couple holding hands in the park, but the reality is that most of us will drift from one monogamous relationship to another.

In all likelihood, diabetes is a disease that you will know of – be it through your own experience, or through a relative or friend. Even if by some slim chance you don’t know anyone that has diabetes, it is extremely likely that you will have heard of it. Diabetes is rapidly becoming one of the UK’s biggest health risks, and it is estimated that by 2025 there will be five million people affected in the country.

According to a recent NUS survey, half of students do part time work, such as bar and pub work, in order to help fund their studies, suggesting that almost two thirds of these students work up to 11 hours a week in addition to the hours put in for their course. These statistics beg the question, has it become a necessity for some students to have a job whilst at University?

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up in your birthday suit in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror and say ‘I really love my body’? Maybe you can, and if you can there would be a few reasons to justify this and two of them would be you either have good eating habits, or you are a gym freak. The rest of us however, seem to be controlled by that piece of object lying on most bathroom floors – the scales.   

Nobody frowns at a person who introduces themselves as a Christian. Not many would sneer at an individual who asked to be excused because they were a Muslim. It isn’t usually considered impolite to talk about your religious views at a dinner table. Or at work. Or in a school. Being a courteous, reserved nation of (mostly) repressed or lapsed Protestants, Britain is a great place to be religious and proud. Have the gall to declare that you’re an atheist however and you might find that the tables quickly turn.

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