You’re single and you’re horny, and tonight’s the night. You’ve got your pre-drinks, got your cash out, an outfit lined up that you believe to be effortlessly cool, and a wingman (or woman) at the ready. So why is it that, when going out on the prowl, the chances of actually getting some immediately fall to a devastatingly low possibility?

Let’s be honest. When we strip ourselves of our supposed objectivity, our non-judgemental acceptance, the right to freedom of speech and all that garbage; the fact is that if you find out someone’s doing the dirty in an outrageously unconventional way, it’s definitely considered freaky. Although many sexual taboos have been forced into submission (excuse the pun), there are still some outstanding preferences of the minority which upset and disturb those of us who still think a gentle spank is extreme.

The air of expectation and excitement in the lecture theatre is not one of intellectual discussion, but night-before gossip. It was the last night of fresher’s week, nobody hasn’t slept with each other and all are settling down into nice little groups vaguely resembling the first day at school. There is also that sense of academia lingering, and the first visit to the library realises the amount of books one needs for the first semester. So you go home and read...or not. But why not? When going to University is an almost conveyor belt process in life, with a pre-written set of rules not including your sense of integrity to significantly drop, what do students actually get out of “being a student”?

Aside from sipping cold beer and working on topping up the tan, this summer’s holiday was memorable for another, more significant reason. While abroad, it came to attention that there was a young boy staying in the same complex, that never left the pool. He was loud, excitable, and from a distance he was just a regular child enjoying his summer holiday. It wasn’t until later that we realised that he was just one of many young children suffering from autism. In some ways it was a lesson in what can be the harsh differences between appearance and reality.

Finally, we break the worst taboo.

Over the coming weeks, Channel 4 is to screen two programmes called Drugs Live: The Ecstasy Trial. There will be two 1 hour long programmes which will see volunteers take MDMA, and the effects monitored. Following the experiment, a panel debate will begin, potentially in the second programme. Not only the immediate effects, but also the effects of the come-down on our behaviour the days following the experiment will also be monitored.

No one wants to trudge through their time at University with a constant feeling of being restrained, snapped back like an elastic band to someone that may frustratingly turn out not even to be ‘The One’. Dedicating a year or more of your precious University life to someone miles away, who could be cheating on you, or you could end up cheating on, is a huge risk. Yet many of us still take it. The question is, why bother?

According to Business Week, McDonalds is one of the world’s top 10 most recognised brands, but why? What is it that compels us to go in here whenever we feel a little bit peckish? What is so attractive about those golden arches?

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