Lap dogs are not lap dancers. However, China appear to have wires crossed by creating the most unusual, disturbing and cringe inducing online trend; we must be in The Matrix because I'm sure normal (and I stress normal) women wouldn't let Lassie borrow their fish nets. I take my Trash Tag article back: people are the internet's bane, and it's time for  reckoning.

Chances are you’ve been put off this article but the use of the word ‘Catholic’, but it's not all that bad, I promise. As the great Monty Python once wrote ‘ I’m a Roman Catholic and have been since before I was born, and the thing they say about  Catholics is, they’ll take you as soon as you’re warm’. Unlike the great Monty Python, Catholicism isn’t cool. And I should know - I am one.

We have all tried it at one stage or another. After countless nights of lost memory, lost stomach contents and lost dignity: the sober night. Often the result is an awkward and boring night, or a relapse and a desperate attempt to catch up with your inebriated company.  Although it may seem a thing of myth and legend, it is possible to enjoy a sober night out. The key to success is tactics.

'Too many Twits might make a twat.'   David Cameron ('s only wise words)

Media is the succubus of modernity: enticing with instant gratification, ease and unguarded access. Internships galore, clothing in any size sent straight into heart shaped wardrobes, and videos making the nation desperately in wanting of hilarious cats...or a bucket. How did we survive with dial ups and without Twitter? Better, you might say, thanks to living without sodding #hash tags.

Welcome one and all, to The 10 commandments of University. This pretty much does what it says on the tin. Stick with these and you should be all right.

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Upon returning to my second year of university after a hedonistic and overall jovial summer, I optimistically expected my new student home to possess more socially acceptable living conditions than my first year experience in a dilapidated, asylum-esque halls of residence. I will quickly elaborate why this was not the case.

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