The summer is a time burgeoning with festivals and their accompanying frivolities, and your facebook newsfeed is most likely cluttered with smugly chipper news bulletins from friends and family, joyously announcing their short departures to meccas of musical celebration. Still valiantly coming to grips with the amusingly misguided new hashtag feature, the average status should resemble something like this:

Just arrived at Glasto!!! #Glasto #Glast2013 #mud #yaaayyyy!! #mumford4life


Summer is here. That means most of us will, at some point, be soaring off to various locations around the globe with the promise of warmer climates, cheaper cigarettes and the aim of turning our skin a lovely terracotta colour. When we pack our shorts, flip flops and floaty little dresses, we all presume that we’ll have no problem finding our way around and conversing with the locals - because they will obviously speak English. None of us ever consider learning the native tongue ourselves.

Here in our little country called England we seem to imply that one of the worse things in our day-to-day lives is public transport. We constantly grumble and moan: ‘had to get the flipping bus’, ‘the train was full of football supporters’, etc.  Clearly, this type of attitude is directly correlated to the amount of people whose dream superpower is the extremely mainstream need to be able to fly.

Second year has come to an end. It may have been a slew of raucous house parties, suicide-inspiring hangovers, and a questionable amount of hours spent in the pursuit of academic excellence. It may also more likely have been a haze of Britain’s Got Talent and Grand Designs reruns, and wildly intense Scrabble marathons.  Nevertheless, the time has come for you to pack your bags, take down your edgy movie posters and to battle with the mouldy teacups that have been amassing under your bed for the best part of the year.

E4’s Made in Chelsea may have been given a lot of stick over the years, but in light of its recent BAFTA win for ‘Best Reality and Constructed Factual Programme’, I think it’s about time we all took it a bit more seriously. Let's take a long hard think about the lessons we can learn from our ridiculously posh friends.

Meet the Vacant Ladies, a group of burlesque dancers from Leeds. Scarlet Pout, Fluffy Muffin, Golden Days and Flossy Framboise, with the aid of their rather fantastic production team, have been offering tantalizing titillation to their audiences for over a year. I thought I’d have a chingwag with Scarlet Pout, Golden Days and Fluffy Muffin and see what I couldn’t find out about them and the wonderful world of burlesque.

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that a crazy switch flips in the heads of many girls in the month of May. What is it about May that makes it so perfect for beginning a weight loss regime? It seems that people suddenly realise they only have 2 months left until summer and so they need to do something about flab NOW. Also, advertising for summer clothes, diet programs and gyms kicks up a notch around this time.

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