Masked Leeds University student hereafter known as “Man” has become a nationwide internet phenomenon since he filmed himself competing against the natural limits of alcohol. His challenges have so far included downing five pints of Guiness in 90 seconds, drinking a whole bottle of vodka from a pint glass and the pinnacle challenge of glugging an entire bottle of Jager. I have to admit I have watched these videos and have laughed along with everyone else (part in humour, part in awe and shock) – and his comedic introductions and his now infamous catchphrase “I’ve just broken the seal” are all ingredients in a recipe for brilliant university banter.

“So does your boyfriend like munching on hobnobs?”

This is what the drag queen screams on the mic as my ginger female friend walks into the bar. This is not going to be your ordinary night out. As the back catalogue of Steps and Spice Girls blare out, I can’t help but think that the one pound drinks are altering my perceptions of normality and reality.

- by Jessica Baggaley


If you’ve ever held a student house party then I’m sure you will resonate very strongly with those lyrics - although a part of me does kind of hope you didn’t play that song to the crowd of Dub-Stepaholics: YouTube it and you’ll understand my reservations. Lesley Gore, whoever she is, doesn’t exactly scream “Party in t’House” (excuse the Northern accent, remember we’re in Leeds) but it does sum up the sinking feeling you experience when you’ve woken up from the night before...




As the dub-step blares on in the background, an empty glass stands majestically on the student floor, towering over a loop of cards waiting to be chosen like an overweight kid in gym class. The Ace card gets picked which means only one thing. Everyone get your harmonies right because it’s time for a choral chant of ‘Waterfall!’.

Pre-drinks, pre-lash, warm-up. This ritual may have many a name around the world but the same outcome is scored: a group of hammered students unaware that the taxi is blaring its horn outside, waiting to pick them up for a night of frivolity. Drinking games appear in a whole range of forms. Whether it is that illusive ‘ring of fire’ where each time you play, a different set of rules will predominate, or anything from the minister’s cat, nipple fingering to calling your best friend a ‘flaming gala’. 

Playing Cards


As summer approaches and the sun is beaming down upon us all... 

Sorry, let me re-phrase... As the rain is pelting down hard at my window I’m trying really hard (honestly) to concentrate on revision and essay writing while doing my utmost to avoid ‘Googling’ cheap holiday getaways. It is oh-so-easy to forget summer is just around the corner at this moment in time.


Imagine the following scene: September 2012, Fresher’s Week. There is the usual madness of drunken UV-painted ‘geeks’ lining the streets at night; the paralytic half-naked fresher attempting to chat up the uninterested girl and the ground is littered with countless promotional leaflets. Not so different to every other year right? Well, what if someone happened to ask that group of ‘geeks’ or that horny fresher how much their parents earn, or where they went to school? The chances are, what with September bringing with it an increase in tuition fees to £9000, the drunken revellers will not be your average Joe from average town... (Not an actual person but I could imagine he’s pretty boring). 


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