At some stage in our lives, we have all heard someone utter the words: ‘I’m depressed!’ It may have even been something you have murmured yourself, discontentment strewn across your frowning face. More often than not, it is something said out of momentary frustration, anger or sadness. A teenage girl that has recently broken up with her boyfriend; school children just weeks into their holidays, all methods of entertaining themselves already exhausted. It is a phrase that is naively thrown around without consideration, losing meaning with each ignorant repetition. The result: the genuine seriousness and dangers of depression remain hidden in the shadows, and we remain blissfully ignorant of them.

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Dear BounceSIN Reader,

As a stickler for good old fashioned values, my love of letter writing goes pretty deep. With the age of technology bringing us texts, emails and Skype, and the persistent environmentalists screaming at us not to waste the rainforest’s resources, we often struggle to find a plausible reason for handwriting a letter these days. For me, it is the magical moment of holding a letter from a loved one and knowing that it had physically been held by their hands too that makes it worth every drop of ink and shred of paper. There is nothing that can compare to when I read the letters my Grandmother sent to me before she passed away earlier this year. No picture can be as personal as seeing the words in her handwriting. Through those letters alone she will be physically with me always.

With the likes of Manic Panic,Crazy Colours and other extreme hair dye brands becoming tremendously popular within the last few years, it appears that the natural chocolate brown coloured hair is a thing of the past. I myself have spent years going to different hairdressers, attempting to get the colour I want, paying out a fortune to end up walking out the hairdressers looking exactly how I looked when I walked in. Many hairdressers would refuse to even consider dying anyone’s hair bright blue or pink. This is what led me to home dying, something which every mother detests and tells their children that their hair will be ruined and all fall out. However, despite a few disasters in the past, I now manage to achieve the colour I desire, without paying the extortionate prices charged at most hairdressing salons.

What’s not to like about summer? Hours of lecture-free freedom jam packed with holidays, picnics in the park, beer gardens and barbecues. The link between these things? As the temperature increases, layers of clothing will instantaneously decrease. When that occasional 20 minute glimmer of sunshine breaks out from behind the perpetual clouds, it sends us into a frenzy of ripping off cardigans, rolling up jeans and mad dashes to Tesco to pick up disposable barbecues. With all this excess flesh on show, you inevitably find yourself in front of the mirror wondering if that t-shirt’s shrunk in the wash or if you've just had one too many takeaways during exam season.

Bright lights are mounted majestically above the entrance, and already-tipsy students queue round the corner to pay to get into this student Mecca. Girls in tops that could be mistaken for a piece of string are toppling over in their heels and it’s not even 11 o’clock, whilst guys wear embarrassingly low v-necks. Nearly all these students, up and down the country, will have at least one thing in common - the desire to get stupendously drunk and the probability of them ending the night either face down on the bathroom floor or throwing up in a bush outside the local chippy.

This week the government announced plans to legalise gay marriage by the year 2015. Heartily backed by both sides of the coalition, as well as the European Court of Human Rights, the plans are a very, very welcome sign of change. For most. Under the proposed new laws, homosexual and lesbian couples would for the first time, be given the right to officially refer to a civil union as a ‘marriage.’ At this point, same sex couples can unite in a ‘civil partnership,’ sharing the same legal rights and privileges as a heterosexual couple can, but their union is not recognised as belonging to the ‘institution of marriage.’ As expected, church leaders and organisations have been in uproar. The Church of England called the proposals ‘flawed, conceptually and legally,’ claiming that no religious group should or could be forced to fully comply with them.  And whilst Downing Street continues to remain stoic in the face of mounting religious opposition, it's a fair bet that we haven’t seen the back of this fight just yet.

My favourite colour is pink, I bleach my hair and I always wear an oversized flower in it. I love clothes shopping and I own enough shoes to sink a battleship. Sparkling jewellery will always make me smile and I believe flowers are a truly underrated gift. My favourite part of a night out is spent with my girls getting dolled up before actually going out, and that means hours of make-up, hair and choosing that life-changing outfit. I actually quite like it when my boyfriend is protective of me and of course, I prefer to wear a dress than trousers.

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