An issue which I would much rather label as a disease, has recently taken over my life. No dramatization here. I suffer from FOMO. For those of you who have luckily missed this phenomenon, it means 'Fear of Missing Out', and boy does it ruin lives. Described in the most reliable of sources - the urban dictionary - as: 'the fear that if you miss a party or event you will miss out on something great.'

When taking the step from student life to graduate living at home, there were obviously things I knew I was going to miss. Independence, going out, and ‘free money’ - is but to name a few. It’s not all downhill, though. Earning money, living in a house with a full fridge, an ironing board, and moving out from a road which once boasted the status of ‘most burgled street in England’, are certainly no bad things. However, it’s only upon leaving the student bubble that I’ve come to realise the things I didn’t know quite how much I was going to miss.

From past experience, I tend to find BBC3 documentaries a bit less than inspiring. On the one hand, I found Russell Brand’s From Addiction to Recovery captivating - yet rather inconclusive. On the other hand, watching Stacey Dooley’s assessment of Peruvian coca plant growers as ‘helping families pay the ‘leccy bill’, made me want to knife out one of my own vital organs and sell it on the black market to raise some money for these poor Peruvian families. Not to escape the lower rungs of the cocaine production trade, but more importantly to avoid another painstaking interview with Dooley.


Let's be honest for a second here. We may, from time to time, get annoyed at the many stereotypes adults seem to throw at us students - calling us lazy and cheap, among other stuff. But really, we all bond over certain things. So, here's just a few so you know you're not alone out there.

Eurogamer Expo, for those who aren’t in the know, is a HUGE gaming event that happens every year at Earls Court. It is the perfect chance for writers, developers and fans to mass together in an orgy of video game know-how and enthusiasm. This year I found myself venturing up to London to get my mitts on everything from little indie games, all the way up to the newest generation of consoles. While I’m not going to turn this feature into a rant, all I have to say about the upcoming games that will be draining away your funds is that they are massively, massively dull.

Welcome back boys and girls, to our Cynics' A-Z of University. We’ll pick up where we left off shall we?  

As thousands of students arrive at university for the first time, here is BounceSIN's cynics' A-Z of university life..

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