Hayley Thompson

Hayley Thompson

Music and writing make me happy, so I write about music.

Imagine a zoo with the absence of its animals and that is what we're left with on this colourless album. 'Studio Zoo's saving grace is Newton Faulkner's undeniable authenticity as one of the coolest acoustic musicians on the scene. Abandoning production tricks and backing roars, he has presented himself as the zoo-keeper to his own talents. In true hippie style, this entire piece of art has been recorded in Faulkner's home studio and streamed online like an open heart, for the eyes and ears of his fans and followers. 

A second wave of Miley mania has spread across the online world, driven by the wreckage of her unreleased single - 'Wrecking Ball'. 

The number one self-titled debut by The 1975 attaches truth to the expression 'where words fail - music speaks.' The album showcases chart-topping single 'Chocolate', and to use Forest Gump's philosophy, it really is like a box of chocolates - you don't know which genre you're gonna be hit with next. But hold up, is this a good thing?

I had always anticipated my response to the sounds of a metal album to be the sort that evoked physical pain, rather than emotional joy. I'm not referring to a headache here - more the pulsating migraine type that only a strong dose of Co-codamol could cure.

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