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Just as we all start to pity James Arthur for his lack of pop-star looks, he reveals an inner disfigurement ugly enough to repulse Satan himself. The X Factor's most unworthy winner recently uploaded a rap battle to YouTube where he spat the words: "fucking queer", "scrubber" and "peasant". James' best attempt at self-defence came with the declaration that his homophobic language had a "different intent." Bullshit. James Arthur should become the new synonym for stupid and insolent. 

The X Factor: murdering music since 2004. James Arthur's self-titled début album is the debris of his winning success on the world's trashiest TV show. Arthur himself has been one of the first to admit that the winners contract doesn't always work in your favour, stating that working with multiple producers on the album has fucked up his creativity. James' decision to sell his artistic soul over to the corporate puppeteers came after his deflating struggle as a member of various unsigned bands. 

Avalon Landing have arrived from across the pond, and that's exactly how they sound - this album is as American as it gets. Think High School Musical, but perhaps a soundtrack to their college years. Okay, that's maybe an insulting comparison. Avalon Landing came together over a shared love for music and released their first record 'Demos, Dead Ends & Do Overs' in late 2011. The quartet originate from Las Vegas and have gained popularity through touring in support of Imagine Dragons. 

If you're yet to visit the place, Leeds City Varieties Music Hall is nestled in the heart of Leeds' city centre and serves as a charming little venue for music and theatre. It's rather fancy, especially in comparison to The Cockpit - so much so that it left Dan from The Feeling wishing he had brought his tap shoes! The Feeling formed in 1995 and scored their first chart topping success with Fill My Little World Right Up in 2005, before releasing their album of greatest hits a decade later. Irrespective of this, the band have been fairly worn out news. Until now. 

We've watched the likes of Ed Sheeran and Bon Iver grow from boys to men, here's a look at some of the new faces and fresh talent starting to emerge on the UK music scene...

With his number one album and this smash hit tour, one could say that Sir Tom Peter Odell has done his best to fill the shoes of Critics' Choice Award, a BRIT he earned earlier this year. One could also fear that the critics have made a mistake in that choice. Granted, Odell is a pony who has mastered his one trick to perfection. But how much patience do a live crowd have for a performance delivered by a shy boy hiding behind his piano?

With Miley Cyrus getting naked and twerking her way through 2013, here's a look at some of the female artists a little more worthy of the world's attention for 2014...

Sub Focus freed the inhibitions of every raver packed inside the Radio One Dance tent at Leeds Festival this summer, leaving many of us living in high anticipation of this release. The soul behind Sub Focus is Nick Douwma, a gifted UK producer with an obvious amount of talent beneath a complex set of skills. 

Supported by MMX and Night Engine, The 1975 lads made a return to Leeds last Monday, where they played to a sold-out crowd at Stylus. A cult of eager fans lined the venue long before showtime, creating the impression that an unmissable gig was about to hit home. The 1975 have made massive movements throughout 2013 and it seems that wherever they go, their fans religiously follow. 

The 1975 are sexing up crowds all over the UK following the rapid success of their self-titled début album. We caught up with Matthew Healy on his tour bus, moments before playing to a sold-out crowd at Leeds' Stylus. Here is what he had to say:

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