Alexandra Pollard

Alexandra Pollard

My name is Alexandra Pollard. I am almost one of the elderly students at Brighton, and study English language and literature. I love music, reading, fashion and pugs.

From one of the UK's most diverse cities, I should have expected The Ladyboys of Bangkok. This is Britain's gay capital after all. Rihanna's 'S&M' drew in passers-by, letting Brighton know it was in for a fabulous time. Emily Hardy, a Brighton and Sussex Medical School student sums up why the show stays in Brighton longest, " I think it was a great show and appropriate for a town as cosmopolitan and open minded as Brighton!"

After losing his left arm and both legs to an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in 2011, humanitarian photographer Giles Duley later returned to Afghanistan, documenting everything in the devastatingly honest 'Walking Wounded: Return to the Front Line.' An exhibition at London's KK Outlet followed, capturing the catharsis of finally photographing civilians unintentionally caught, yet intentionally shelled by vicious war crimes like Giles. Despite almost dying the first time, nerves and obvious terror were extinct from his photos; instead, an emotional governor dictated tears as easily as Dr Manhattan manipulates matter. However, underneath all great things lies an epic blunder.

The question is at the tip of your tongue, the foreground of your mind, and somehow at the front of it: do we attempt long distance? If only life were as simple as it was for Pochahontas: her answers were just around the river bend. Where were my answers? Oh, they were acting like toddlers refusing to take a bath, hiding until I became a hide-and-seek world champion. Why on earth have I tested these waters twice?

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