Christopher Gennard

Christopher Gennard

I am twenty nine years old and have three children; Iam currently relocating my family from Scarborough to Leeds. My passions are located in creative writing, story theory and particularly screenplay structure and form. I have written a novel and a screenplay with intentions of a second screenplay once the drafting stages are complete. With an eclectic taste in music, my musical preferances can be identified in numerous genres spanning the past five decades. I also play the guitar and enjoy writing my own music and lyrics.
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Government officials suggest that cannabis is dangerous and causes mental health problems. Some people would suggest that governments are dangerous and cause mental health problems. Rational thinking has gone up in a puff of smoke. Albeit an extremely giggly puff of smoke leaving behind a medley of sweet and crisp packets.

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Day 9; And God created foolish idiots!

To possess the power to provide eternal life and eliminate death entirely, but only issue it to those that are willing to kill for you and be submissively loyal is utterly immoral in terms of human nature, both internal and societal. We as human beings derive our moral conduct from our feelings in regard to our human nature. Man created God and has suffered in His shadow. Eliminating God means that we as human beings are the powerful receptacles that retain the memory of our loved ones so that they live on through us, in our human consciousness. Love and compassion exist without the presence of God and provide humanity with the capacity to be moral.

Day 8; And God created bullshit!

How can an atheist find meaning in life? How can we face death without the comfort of the afterlife? How should we think about right and wrong? Creationists fear the questions that arise in the absence of religion and God. The devoutly religious are evasive when it comes to questioning the existence of God or His illogical methods. God did it. This answer to the burning questions of life, death and the reality that surrounds us just simply won't do. Religion and particularly creationism has a smug sense that it possesses the meaning of life. Religion is arrogant. Let us break this down.

Now then, now then, Jim'll Fix It for you to be sexually assaulted. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Jimmy Saville, in his life, he could have been one of the most prolific paedophiles to be rampaging across Britain doing charity work so that nobody would mention the fact that he was a blatant paedophile. He also did some DJ stuff and had his own programme where he got kids on his show so that he could fulfil their desires. Or was it his desires that were being fulfilled?

At one end of the spectrum, we have an almighty furore over the topless photos of Kate Middleton and at the other end of the spectrum, we have an almighty, and somewhat more murderous furore over CARTOONS depicting the Prophet Muhammad naked. A CARTOON for crying out loud. Luckily for France and other countries that desire to print the photos of Kate Middleton, Kate has a more civilised manner of dealing with her dissatisfaction. Leading up to the new furore in regard to the Prophet Muhammad being depicted as a CARTOON, there has been violent murder, children demanding beheadings and bombings; on Kate's side, she's taking legal action.

‘God answers kneemail’

The above claim was written on a poster outside a church. It is absolute nonsense. Has God now been replaced by the magical divinity of cyberspace? Stop getting crap faced for a few minutes and notice that the church are attempting to combine the immense popularity of the internet and emailing with praying. Yes that’s right. Prayer.

All this offense is getting offensive.

Is it offensive to satirise religion in this day and age?

If the answer is yes then we are dealing with a case of mass social oppression reminiscent of Britain in the 1500’s. Once again, the age old relationship of religion and tolerance is instigated.

The first British Muslim comedy sitcom, Citizen Khan, has received hundreds of complaints for its apparent ‘bigoted’ portrayal and ‘offensive’ depictions of the British Muslim community and Islam overall.  Created by and starring British Muslim, Adil Ray, the ‘comedy’ series follows the life of a Muslim community worker and his family.

In Response to Jessica Baggaley's Article

A theory has emerged that dictates people preferring to have a conversation or verbal interaction in reality as opposed to the cyber-realm of social networking are apparently potential psychopaths. A very bold and somewhat wild suggestion when considering the implications of digital schizophrenia brought on by social networking. It could be suggested that social networking has contributed significantly to the evolution of the psychopath.

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