BounceSIN Chats To Cerebral Ballzy's Honor About Skating, Turning Down Girls and Shredding....Need I Say More?

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Have you heard of Cerebral Ballzy? No? Well their name has caught your attention I am sure. This band will throw more 80's-hardcore and Punk Rock down your throat that you will throw up and you will F**KING LOVE IT!

We caught up with Honor from the band ahead of their second album release, on the final night of the 'NME Radar Tour' in Leeds, and squeezed his New York brain. The results were interesting.....


BounceSIN: NME 'Radar tour' head-liner is a fine achievement, congrats! How did it feel to be asked and where does this rate in the band's achievements?

Honor: NME has really embraced our weirdness since early in our shreddom, so it's rad to play for a magazine that has lauded some greats that I look up to. I saw an old NME cover on this run with the Jesus and Mary Chain on the cover which stoked me out. We'll be soon to follow.


BounceSIN: It’s the last night of the tour! How’s the whole thing been? Has it lived up to your expectations and which date has been the best? 

Honor: It has been rad! Mega fun, being out and about and away from our busy NYC existence. This album is gonna shut down the town. London understands our cool boy outlook, always.


BounceSIN: What’s the highlight story from your tour? 

Honor: Running around at Stonehenge was sick. We're nerds soooooo that was noiceeee. Also, being a bit older and turning down girls is nihilistically fun.


BounceSIN: I know you're big skating fans. Where is the best place to skate in the UK in your opinion? 

Honor: In London, 'cause like the city, it's just fun to see what's going on while pushing around.


BounceSIN: ‘Faded and Jaded’ - Give us an insight as to what to expect.

Honor: Melodic, driven rock and roll inspired by power-pop legends like the Nerves and The Zeros


BounceSIN: Where in the world is your favourite place to tour?

Honor: Sweden's so beautiful, Russia's so passionate, NYC's so stylish, London loves Honor!


BounceSIN: Out of all the bands you have toured with, who parties the hardest?

Honor: We partied with the Black Lips and the Horrors so hard!!! It's a tie between those. But touring with Flag provided us a different kind of party. Also touring with our homies in Trash Talk is always something.


BounceSIN: If you weren't in a band, what would you be doing? 

Honor: Literature junkie, settled down with a gangly redhead with freckles in a forward thinking town.


BounceSIN: Do you ever get people asking you twice when you explain to them that you’re in a band called Cerebral Ballzy?

Honor: Take it or leave it.

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