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With second studio album ‘In Your Hands’ released in October, Eliza Doolittle’s meteoric rise is about to reach even dizzier heights. Already achieving a six-month run in the top ten, could Doolittle become the sunnier version of fellow Camden songstress Amy Winehouse?


BounceSIN - Listening to your latest single ‘Waste of time’, there’s a more serious side to this than others you have released. What inspired you to be more personal with your music?

Eliza - I think before I wrote this new album, I was a little bit protective of myself and didn't give away so much with my writing. Also, I hadn't really experienced much of anything really, at the age I was when I wrote the first album. I'm at the age now where you realise things about yourself and about your surroundings - that I think every person my age has some experience of, I'm sure. I realised that the best music I made was the most honest and on this album I haven't hidden anything of myself. I've really let it all spill out!

BounceSIN - Are there any other ways ‘In Your Hands’ differs from 2010’s self-titled ‘Eliza Doolittle’?

Eliza - I guess what I just said was one of the ways it differs, but also I sing so much more on this record. I've always loved to sing but I don't think I showed that as much on my last record. On this new album, I'm really singing my heart out!


BounceSIN - When ‘Big When I Was Little’ was released you also sold individualised cassette tapes of the single, including a piano version of ‘You and Me’. What made you go all nostalgic on us?

Eliza - Well, BWIWL is all about those times, and it seemed like the perfect way to present the song!


BounceSIN - Expanding on ‘You and Me’ and its difference to your individual sound, did collaborating with Disclosure teach you anything new, or make you experiment with ‘In Your Hands’?

Eliza - I'd already written most of the album when I worked with the Disclosure boys, but I always keep my eyes and ears open and learn from every session I do, and every gig I go to. One thing I was reminded of with the boys, is that the best music is always made when you're having fun!


BounceSIN - Style wise, would you say your curls are one of your trademarks?

Eliza - Haha! People always talk to me about my curly hair.. so I don't know, maybe! I like playing with it sometimes, wearing it in different styles - but most of the time it's just wild and curly. 


BounceSIN - Have you got any curling tips for student hair that cannot be tamed by straighteners?

Eliza - Embrace it. Be part of the curly crew!


BounceSIN - Moving on to your personal style; has it changed since signing to Select Models?

Eliza - I think my style changes all the time.. I haven't worn short shorts in a long time. I get really obsessed with one thing and then get bored and move on to another thing. Nothing will have changed for any reason other than that!


BounceSIN - In a past interview you stated that you are a singer/songwriter first and foremost, but would you consider a ‘duet’ with high fashion, or the high street?

Eliza - I love that.. a duet! Yeah, people ask me about getting involved with style projects and I always say I'm up for having fun with that.. why not!


BounceSIN - Having achieved so much in music (whilst still in your twenties!), have you thought about being like supermodels Suki Waterhouse and Cara Delevingne, adding actress to your CV?

Eliza - I've always loved acting and I definitely have a goal to try it out, as well as making music, but right now music is my priority. For me it's always more about if the right project came along and it was something that really stood out - then I'd love to experiment with it!


BounceSIN - Returning to students, do you have any advice for music students and other budding musicians hoping to get noticed by the industry?

Eliza - The most important advice I'd give, is to make music because there is nothing else you can do but make music! Because then, if it is fulfilling you in the way it should, nothing can stop you. And you're doing it all for the right reasons, and no regrets then.  If you're enjoying it so much and making great music and gigging all the time because you just have to.. people will be there to see it and it will grow!


BounceSIN - In ‘Big When I Was Little’ you mention ‘Malcolm in the Middle’, which stars the very talented Bryan Cranston as Hal. At the moment students seem obsessed with his latest series ‘Breaking Bad’ - are you crushing as badly as us?

Eliza - YES! I love it! I have a theory.. at the end of Breaking Bad, Walter White and the family gets put into Witness Protection and that's where Malcolm in the Middle begins!  :)


BounceSIN - Speaking of things that were big when we were little, how did it feel when Kinder Surprise asked to use ‘Pack Up’ in an advert?

Eliza - Great! It's cool to be on an ad for something we loved so much as kids!


Thank you Eliza for the interview, and all the best of luck with your future projects.

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