BounceSIN Chats To BIGGA FISH 'JUST TALENT' Finalist Ricky Fleming About His Music and Fans Perving On Him In The Toilet...

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With the Bigga Fish ‘Just Talent’ grand finale set to set to blow us away in London on May 26, BounceSIN caught up with finalist, Ricky Fleming. From Leeds, the 21 year old singer-songwriter can be currently found in the West Yorkshire area performing a number of different gigs, guitar in hand, hoping for that big break. We asked him a few questions to see if we see if we could find out a bit more about this young musician. 

BounceSIN - First of all, congratulations on making it to the Bigga Fish ‘Just Talent’ contest finale. The competition boasts a mix of artists from across the country. How do you feel about representing Leeds and how confident are you about your chances of bagging some of those neat prizes? 
Ricky - For me, I feel I just have to do my best I don't really know what to expect from the other artists, I haven't been performing for very long so I've got a lot to learn but, from the little experience I have, I know that anything could happen. 

BounceSIN - So, let’s talk about your song 'Do You Believe'. It seems to be an inspirational song about believing in your dreams. What inspired you to take up singing and song-writing? 
Ricky - My dad is the one who inspired me because he's been in a band most of his life, his band performed with Madness and The Specials and I decided to try to make a career out of music.

BounceSIN - Have you always wanted to be a musician or did you ever feel like you would go down a different route? 
Ricky - I always wanted to be a footballer from a young age, at college I got to a semi-pro level but it didn't look like it was going any further so I started doing open mic nights around Yorkshire to improve myself and to find out what kind of artist I was, which has helped me gain self-confidence.

BounceSIN - Being a singer-songwriter in a modern day world full of thousands of wannabe-stars on YouTube and playing in whatever bars/clubs are possible, it’s a difficult industry to break into. Have you ever felt so frustrated that you have considered giving it up? 
Ricky - I found that the more gigs and events etc. I did, the more frustrated I got because I was doing everything by myself and I realised if I wanted to progress further, then I needed some help so that I could concentrate on just my music. 

BounceSIN - Who are your main musical influences? As a singer-songwriter is it all about artists such as Ed Sheeran or do you also listen to a more select range of artists? 
Ricky - I think it's best to listen to all different types of music, I grew up listening to reggea, soca, ska, rock, heavy metal, pop etc. listening to different types of genre is how I developed my skills.

BounceSIN - What would you like to achieve from your music? Is it all about the riches, fame, and girls screaming your name, or is there a different long-term goal? 
Ricky - The money and fame are just a bonus to doing something I enjoy, I don't really have a long term goal I'm just seeing where music can take me.

BounceSIN - You seem like a cool, laid-back character. Do you ever get pre-performance nerves? If so is it a case of settling them with a quick pint or do you have a different pre-gig routine? 
Ricky - I don't really get nervous any more, just more excited to get on the stage but when I first started doing gigs I was biting my nails, my leg was shaking so I just got myself a pint sat with my friends and acted like it was a night out.

BounceSIN - Despite only being at the beginning of your career, have you ever had something truly crazy happen at a gig; something where you’ve just stopped and thought, ‘What the f*ck?’ 
Ricky - At every gig there seems to be a crazy moment but the worst one is when I did a gig in Guiseley and after the gig I went into the toilet and mid flow this guy came and sat on the sink and was trying to get a peek at my business, then he went into the cubicle, left the door open, pulled down his pants and said "you can join me if you want" I wasn't expecting that, I just walked away laughing.

BounceSIN - We can hear a few of your own songs and covers dotted about on the internet. Do you have any future plans for a full-length project and what can you tell us about it? Or is the concentration just on doing different gigs for now? 
Ricky - At the moment it's just doing gigs and trying to expand to other areas of England to gain a bigger following. 

BounceSIN - Finally, as a Leeds resident what are your favourite clubs and bars to go out to in a city known for its mad antics? Where would you recommend to a newcomer? 
Ricky - Well I go out to Maluko, Players, Fuel, Bed and always end up in McDonalds before going home but there are so many clubs, it depends on what type of music your into.  
Thank you Ricky, and best of luck for the final! Do Yorkshire proud!
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