Atheism, Creationism and the Meaning of Life - Part Two

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Day 9; And God created foolish idiots!

To possess the power to provide eternal life and eliminate death entirely, but only issue it to those that are willing to kill for you and be submissively loyal is utterly immoral in terms of human nature, both internal and societal. We as human beings derive our moral conduct from our feelings in regard to our human nature. Man created God and has suffered in His shadow. Eliminating God means that we as human beings are the powerful receptacles that retain the memory of our loved ones so that they live on through us, in our human consciousness. Love and compassion exist without the presence of God and provide humanity with the capacity to be moral.

Religion is an allegory created to interpret the external world and its relationship with the internal consciousness. Philosophical and existential conundrums of ancient Man were answered by religion and religion has sufficed ever since as a convenient tool of control and instilling fear. Yet perception has broadened significantly since the age when religion was a sufficient answer to the ever burning question; what is the meaning of life? Creationists fear the questions that arise in the absence of religion and are willing to negate the teachings of science in favour of their lunatic theories about 'Intelligent Design' and that God created the universe and all matter.

Don't tell the creationists, there would be no point because they would only blindly dismiss it; but recently, scientific studies have uncovered signs that human life on Earth is likely to have started from other worldly substances. Meteorites travelling from across the universe are believed to have contained the genetic material necessary to begin human life, seeding ancient Earth and paving the way for our existence.

So, for the meaning of life we must turn to a powerful entity, a Prophet of humanistic logic, an intellectual saviour; no, not God, but Richard Dawkins. In his new documentary series, he provides us with the answers that religion and creationists deny us of. Disturbingly, it is believed that the world is filled with closet atheists who conceal themselves in fear of archaic heretical stigma harvested by the religious arena.

If you question your faith and are unsure about your spiritual identity, read The God Delusion; it is an invaluable piece of literature for those that wish to free themselves of religious constraints, begin life as a true human being and become the controller of their existence.

Dominant religious ideologies must be challenged; Atheists, stand up and unite! 

Christopher Gennard

I am twenty nine years old and have three children; Iam currently relocating my family from Scarborough to Leeds. My passions are located in creative writing, story theory and particularly screenplay structure and form. I have written a novel and a screenplay with intentions of a second screenplay once the drafting stages are complete. With an eclectic taste in music, my musical preferances can be identified in numerous genres spanning the past five decades. I also play the guitar and enjoy writing my own music and lyrics.


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