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X Factor contestant Aiden Grimshaw is back on the scene having just released his début album 'Misty Eye' and touring the UK. We got the chance to chat to him about his new album, what life is like post X Factor, and how One Direction have taken over the world...

It’s great to see you Aiden, how are you?

Yeah, I’m good. My first tour experience is going well. Everything caught up with me in Brighton the other night though and it’s given me a fu**ing cold now for my day off which is not ideal. So I’ve had to spend it playing FIFA and Call of Duty.

Have you been drinking your fair share on the tour then?

We’ve drank. Drinks have been consumed... Not every night though. We have learned a valuable lesson that you shouldn't go out in Bournemouth and get absolutely rat-arsed, go back to the hotel and decide that you want a bath and then fall to sleep in it.

Lets talk about your album, Misty Eye. It came out last month, has it been hectic since then?

Yeah man. Well you know, I’m not Olly Murs so I’m not busy every day, but it’s busy in a sense but you know, I still get time to myself.

Was it scarier releasing your album after two years off the radar?

No I don’t think so, in many ways it made me feel easier about it. With X Factor you should have to earn yourself and y’know, singing Mad World one time doesn't make you a credible artist or an incredible singer. But going away and coming ninth, I did so sh**  it gave me time to go away and take two years to just grow up a little bit and do the standard things you do when you’re 18 or 20.

I’ve got an album that my dad likes now which is good.  That’s what counts.

It’s obvious the album is very personal to you. Where did you get your influences from?

The whole thing is about being in love and questioning the ideals of being in love.  And relationships and how people say you should feel and act in certain situations. You have to write about something everyone can enjoy and everyone’s been in love haven’t they?

Is it all from personal experience?

There wasn’t a reason really, I broke up with her ages ago. It was just playing in my head. But you know when you have too much time to think about things? So I just thought, I’m gonna’ write some sh** about this. And now I’ve let it all out, feeling much better now!

There’s loads of different sounds on the album...

Yeah I think it’s good to have different sounds. The producer who did it is an f**king genius so I think it’s important to have people who understand where you want to go so you can write coherent pieces as opposed to writing a few pieces with John and then another few pieces with someone else that just don’t fit.

We have to talk X Factor. Do you mind having the X Factor label or is it something you’d rather shake off?

I don’t mind it anymore. I think it’s more of a conscious thing for yourself. People are going to remember you for what they want to remember you for. Between the years of being 18 and 20, I did some pretty f**ked up sh** and I just forgot about it to be honest. But I realise I’m here because of that opportunity and I appreciate that.

I’ve had two years off and it feels amazing, but if I hadn't been on The X Factor, this isn't what I’d be doing. I’d be doing smaller gigs and trying to get people to discover me. But now I’ve done 25% of it really. I have a cool fan-base of the X Factor fans and it’s all good.

You were on X Factor with One Direction. They’ve pretty much taken over the world, what do you think it is that’s made them so successful?

They’re everywhere! I looked in The Sun Newspaper today and there are coupons to meet them on every page. It enraged me! They’re on every page! There were f**king coupons on every page!

I just think they’ve got that ‘One Thing’.  They’ve just worked really hard.

Would you like their level of fame?

I think that’s what you go for isn’t it? You don’t play for a football team to be second best. They’ve smashed it. They’ve worked ridiculously hard and I think they’ve got the credentials to be the next level.

Have you had any of your own crazy fan girls experiences?

Someone bought me a Zebra. I’m now the proud owner of two Zebras. Well they’re adopted Zebras.

I forget how it was before I went on the X Factor. But I just remember how weird that was and then I remember how weird it was having fans everywhere and feeling like I didn’t deserve it.  Then I was scratching my head because I didn’t have anything to do anymore. But it feels nice because it’s all starting again because we’re picking up new songs and converting the haters.

The other day, some girl came up to me the other day and said: “I didn’t like you and I’ve not bought your album but that was really good and I’m going to go and get it!”  I was like ‘yeah!’

There’s a lot of attention online from fans around the world. Given the opportunity, is taking your music to the US and around the world something you’d like to do?

No,  I never ever ever ever want to leave Britain. I hate flying and boats and things... Nah I’m joking, free holiday isn’t it! But I think it’s up to the fans isn’t it? I’m sure that if they wanted to hear it, I’m sure that that guy there would sort it out. We had a fan yesterday who came down from Germany to see my gig in Glasgow.

So what’s in the pipeline now? Any plans?

After this tour, it’s only been a small tour, so I’m hoping we’ll be able to get more people to come and see it. Then it’s Christmas so I’m just going to relax. We’ve got the third video coming out soon as well. And this time next year, hopefully we’ll be talking about a second album.

I think things will change though, I’ve just had two years sat in my underpants, hidden in my little studio at home wondering when I’m gonna’ to be let out of my cave, drinking Jagerbombs on my own.

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