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As we hit Sheffield on the BounceSIN tour, we were delighted to be able to talk to Hugo Taylor. After starring in Made In Chelsea for three seasons Hugo filled us in about life when the cameras are off, his love life, and his experiences as a student…

B: How’s life after Made In Chelsea?

H: Better actually, yeh I’m kind of happy not to have film crews around me all the time.

B: I can imagine that would be pretty intense…

H: It’s quite intense, you lose a lot of control over the stuff that you do. You get told to be here and told to do this…

B: I’ve always wondered how that works because there are a lot of awkward encounters that just seem to happen on Made In Chelsea…

H: I don’t want to give away too much of how it’s made out of respect for the fact that there’s people still doing it, but I think one day when they stop making these kind of shows people will be interested to see how it all works.

B: Last time we saw you on Made In Chelsea you were pretty settled down, can you say anything about what’s going on in your love life?

H: I’m super happy, I celebrated my one year anniversary a few days ago, I’m a very happy man.

B: So, as someone who’s never got lower than an A in any exam, you’re the wise guy on Made In Chelsea. Do you have any advice for first years at university?

H: I mean, I went to university in London, I had no idea of this kind of student life. I would go and visit my friends in Bristol and Leeds and come up here, so whenever I would have a good student night out it would be here. My student life sucked compared to this, I’d trade everything for this (pointing to the club around).

B: For students the one limiting thing on their lifestyles can often be money, but obviously that wasn’t a problem for you, did you have any limits?

H: Well, my university had no student nights, so I would put on my own student nights, that’s how I made money at university, then I opened a nightclub from that, and then I opened a restaurant, then I got onto Made In Chelsea. I’d say the best way to enjoy your student life is to start your own night. If you’ve got a lot of friends and you can organise a party then make money out of it. It’s the best way to finance your whole university life.

B: We’re currently touring the whole of England to find the best student city, you must have toured a lot…

H: I think I’ve been everywhere!

B: Outside of London what would you say is the best party city in the UK?

H: Sheffield, this is the fourth time I’ve been here, I’ve never had a bad night here. Bournemouth, Bournemouth is f***ing awesome, there’s just something about Bournemouth. People are chilled there, I think it’s because it’s beside the sea, everyone’s just kind of relaxed and less stressed. I’m going to Manchester again on Friday, I had a great night there my first night there.

B: What about Leeds? I have a soft spot for Leeds as it was my uni town…

H: My memories from Leeds, age 21/22 are just… near death, they get that f*cked up there, it’s really quite intense. 

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