The Naked Truth - Kate & Muhammad

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At one end of the spectrum, we have an almighty furore over the topless photos of Kate Middleton and at the other end of the spectrum, we have an almighty, and somewhat more murderous furore over CARTOONS depicting the Prophet Muhammad naked. A CARTOON for crying out loud. Luckily for France and other countries that desire to print the photos of Kate Middleton, Kate has a more civilised manner of dealing with her dissatisfaction. Leading up to the new furore in regard to the Prophet Muhammad being depicted as a CARTOON, there has been violent murder, children demanding beheadings and bombings; on Kate's side, she's taking legal action.

It goes a little bit like this, Kate took her top off in private, shouldn't have had photos taken of her really, but it wouldn't really matter if she wasn't a prospective Queen of England. And by the time she's Queen, decency will be so diminished that the Queen will probably be appearing in Playboy. That's that one wrapped up.  

One distinctive difference between the images causing all the trouble is simple; in all honesty, the majority of the world prefers breasts to the Prophet Muhammad. Well, that's one solid difference, but more so than that, is the distinction that one of the characters in the images conducts themselves pleasantly and the other is a deplorable maniac. France are going to be closing down embassies and other prominent buildings from Friday in fear of violent Muslim response to the cartoons of Muhammad. It is immensely worrying that a faction of people in the modern world would slaughter people for drawing a CARTOON. It is not just the freedom of the press that is brought into question - it is the sanity of the world community.

Civilised protest is possible and the Islamic extremists need to be informed of this maybe in a very slow patronising voice like when telling off a child for being repeatedly and unashamedly naughty. For the cartoon to be insulting it would be understandable, slightly, if the Prophet Muhammad was depicted fondling his erect penis or some other sexual act, but what is really depicted is comical toward religion, it is satirical. Rational logic tells us that people who desire to kill other people over satirical comedy are truly mentally ill and should be treated accordingly. That is the true reality of the matter.

'He who learns but does not think is lost, he who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.'

In the grand scheme of things, we're talking about a woman's breasts and an illustration of a naked, ambiguous historical figure. Comparably, considering the two individuals in question, all in all, it is seriously doubtful that the Prophet Muhammad is going to have better tits than Kate Middleton.

A lot of fuss over nothing really.

Christopher Gennard

I am twenty nine years old and have three children; Iam currently relocating my family from Scarborough to Leeds. My passions are located in creative writing, story theory and particularly screenplay structure and form. I have written a novel and a screenplay with intentions of a second screenplay once the drafting stages are complete. With an eclectic taste in music, my musical preferances can be identified in numerous genres spanning the past five decades. I also play the guitar and enjoy writing my own music and lyrics.


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