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London Elektricity speaks to BounceSIN.com

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King of drum & bass and owner of Hospitality Records, London Elektricity, is no stranger to Leeds’ nightlife. Having headlined Hospitality events in the O2 Academy and around the world, he’s seen the best and worst of the drum & bass world. We sat down with the DJ for a quick chat...

B: How would you convert newcomers to Leeds into drum & bass lovers?

LE: It is just about possible that there are still people who don't love d&b I suppose! Well, if they come to Hospital i guarantee that they will leave as d&b lovers. If they really don't want to come because they think they hate d&b, lie to them and tell them Hospitality is in fact the regional Dressage finals held in the evening. 

B: What do you love about Leeds and what do you love about the O2?

LE: If I have time, which sadly is rarely, I love shopping in Leeds. It has the best shopping arcades in England. Leeds ravers are the best too. They always show so much love and make so much noise! The 02 is a great venue for a DJ - the onstage sound is fantastic as is the front of house sound. It makes my job a lot more fun! 

B: At the next Hospitality, who should our readers be looking out for, and be excited to see?

LE: Well me obviously. We haven't announced the line-up yet - although I do know that S.P.Y will be launching his album What The Future Holds that night, and there is a rumour there will be a whiff of Belgium about the place...

B: Which up and coming artists from Hospital Records do you think are the ones to watch?

LE: It has to be S.P.Y - I finished mastering his album yesterday and I've never heard an album like it. I'm so proud to be releasing it on Hospital - it's music like his that drives me to do what I do.  

B: What's your favourite track at the moment?

LE: I can't choose between What The Future Holds by S.P.Y and The Golden Section by Technimatik. 

B: Are there any events coming up that you're looking forward to?

LE: I do look forward to every single event - I'd be a total idiot if I didn't - to have the opportunity to play music I love to a full house of like minded music lovers is a dream for any musician/producer/DJ, but I am looking forward in particular to returning to Korea in October, as some of my most memorable shows have been there. 

Check out London Elektricity's next Hospitality event here: http://www.hospitalitydnb.com/2012/10/hospitality-leeds-9/

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