‘CONGRATULATIONS!!! Getting easier though eh?’

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So it’s that time of year again- exam results. Not just that however, more significantly, it’s time for the good old debate- “Just how is it that exams are getting so much easier?”. Yep there it is, the most crushing and soul-destroying moment as you sit there listening to your grandmother and her army of loyal traditionalists, with your GCSE or A Level results in your hand. That marvellous set of well-earned grades suddenly begin to lose their shine somewhat.  “Back in my day, there was no coursework. We couldn’t cheat at all you see, for it all came down to the final examinations”.

Coursework. The bane of young people’s lives. Naturally, some students perform better than others in exams. This is by no means an indicator of intelligence. It’s simply the way it is: one bad day and two years of hard work could be down the toilet. Coursework is therefore an opportunity to express this knowledge in a formally assessed project as part of an overall grade, not an A* on a plate. Each and every year, success in these rigorous and self-driven projects is met with suspicion and discouragement, as students find themselves in battle with a nation of doubters as they fight for the quite absurd idea that, actually, it was damn hard work.

But it’s just not the same any more is it? O-Levels would sort them out! All of these astronomically high grades- peh! It’s terrible news for the country. It’s like a Mexican wave of rolling eyes form John O’Groats to Lands End each August as people digest the sour news of rising grades. 

It’s funny, because a similar thing is happening in the sporting world. Great Britain won eighteen more gold medals at London 2012 than they did in Beijing. Something strange must be going on. I suspect the track has been shortened by quite some length. Perhaps the 100m stretch is sloped? I’ve heard rumours too that the javelin, shot-put and discuss are considerably lighter than before.  We don’t know how at this stage, but, trust me, they just are. And what a load of rubbish, and that’s because people can see that the above is false. But what’s the point in students taking the same exams year in year out? It may be an equal measure of things to an extent, but surely there’s more room for error there! Exams change in parallel to the evolving curriculum.

I would suggest that rising results are a reflection of far better teaching by our teachers. You know- those robots we dump in front of our students for six hours a day, programmed to perform social and academic miracles year in year out.

So ladies and gentlemen, how are we gonna tackle the rising results situation again this year, these complaints are beginning to get ridiculous: “Hmmmm....I, er ......Oh!! Sir! Wait, I have it... I’ve got a really great idea....Let’s just lower everybody’s grades!”

Daniel Newotn

I've just qualified with a BA (Hons) Fine Art degree from the University of Leeds. I'm particularly interested in the notion of art as a 'situation', as in my recent solo exhibition 'Touch', in which gallery visitors were invited to touch, dismantle and rearrange the work; creating something new to leave for the next visitor, should they wish. Moreover I enjoy writing in a whole range of disciplines, adapting my style to a multitude of sources.

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