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BounceSIN Journalism Team
Thursday, 29 March 2012

Welcome to the BounceSIN Journalism Team.  As a BounceSIN Journalist you will gain access to more exclusive events and stories than any other team.  You will gain work experience and will develop contacts within the industry to give you the edge as a post grad.  We know you all love Journalism and thats why you're here, so either head over to the Discussions page to choose or submit a story request and we'll do the ground work to help you obtain the stories that drive you.  

As time goes on we will be looking for a full time Editor to take on the roll of finding and designating the stories, they will then develop an e-mag and in time, will become the editor of a full published magazine.  To have a chance of earning this role you must show initiative, enthusiasm and most importantly a passion for Journalism.

So the next step is to click over to Discussions and read through the stories on offer or propose one yourself. Good land and welcome to the team 

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