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Music reviews are a great way for people to discover new music. Whilst people like to criticize the critics until the cows come home, music reviews offer an insight into genres, bands, producers and albums that gives a fantastic depth to the music industry. Music reviews act as a platform for people to discuss, praise and analyse music; something that happens across all art forms and allows them to progress. Music is heavily surrounded by opinion and is open to criticism not just from 'professional' critics, but from the general public, who, after all, drive the industry forward.

Anyone can write a music album review, all one needs is a keen ear and a strong head. Spanning across various platforms such as blogs, magazines and podcasts, music reviews invoke debate and passion, which ultimately brings a level of excitement to the music industry. Music, like most art forms, comes with no right or wrong answer, and is far from being black and white. One man's Sinatra is another's Skrillex, and so on and so forth. I, of course, only listen to good music.

Of course, music reviews do not only come in the written form. Every day people review music through endless discussions. A world without music reviews is simply an impossible prospect, unless of course we lived in a world without music, which would be fatal, to say the least. BounceSIN offers regular music reviews from music enthusiasts that all have varying tastes and ideas of what's good and what's, quite frankly, sh**. Visit our Music Page for music reviews and general musings on music. Try saying that after a few beers.

India Johnson

I have a degree in English from Leeds Uni and love to write. I like music, pretty words, films (especially French films) and books (especially American lit).

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